Online meeting resources

People often ask about resources for online meetings (AA and other programs).

I recently came across some interesting resources for online AA meetings (in various time zones and subject matters) and wanted to start a compilation of various resources. Click through for more information.

Feel free to add links to online meetings for any programs.

EU online meetings

Global speaker meetings

AA Online Meetings

AA intergroups

Hello Sunday Morning
Australia based

Living Sober
New Zealand based


Bumping this up for those who want meetings but cannot get there in person, especially due to quarantine, isolation etc.


Thank you! Guess now’s a good time to try my first online meeting



Hello Sunday Morning is a great one! I’m in Aus and have been a member for quite some time now, and it’s really inspiring and motivating. The stories in the emails I receive alone and so positive, intellectual and full of wisdom and encouragement. :blush:


I am going to big up particularly. As I cannot go to face to face meetings at the moment, I have been doing online meetings. It takes a little getting used to, but I have been sharing about what is going on with me and what I am struggling with and immediately after I get several messages from other women through live chats. then chatting with them has helped me loads to get grounded and feel better.





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Apparently I am incapable of figuring out how intherooms works! I downloaded the app, but can’t do much with it. Technology 1, Sassy zip!

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Drop those online meeting resources here.

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@Fj007 here’s some more online stuff. You are never alone.

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@UltraMel here’s a great place to stop. Try an online meeting.

Ok…so yesterday I was saying that I wouldn’t be getting involved in this online meeting thing…and today is a new day so I made a U-turn and decided to check my attitude.

Logged into intherooms dot com…joined a AA meeting and it was a great experience. People from all over the world, thoug predominantly it was Americans. All in all there was about 250 people attending…and from everyone’s share I got the feeling that participation has gone up a lot since we are globally in a lock down kinda situation…

What I felt awesome about was that even though I’ve never attended a meeting where english was the spoken language and people say that AA is more this and that in America than it is here…I could relate to everyone and understand exactly what they were feeling. even though our location is totally different. Just goes to show that the program has remained the same no matter the language and no matter the location where it’s used.

Will keep attending these meetings for sure. Can and will recommend these meetings to anyone who is struggling with alcoholism…and to anyone who is in need of helping those in need.


Just keeping this near the top for any new people trying to hit some meetings. Now you don’t even have to leave your house to hit an AA meeting.


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