Having strong cravings at 3:15am


It’s 3:15am and I’m having some strong craving of heroin and cocaine. I’m also I’m in a lot of pain in my wrist and knee that I’m begging for pain killers. I want to go to the ER but I know they will just give me Vicodin. Because I can’t use that I’m battling strong cravings to forget the pain. I really just need someone to talk to so I can get out of my head.


@longhorn, go see your doctor /ER, do not struggle like this. Explain your issues and please, do not cave. There is help out there.


I just don’t want to be prescribed another opioid I know I’ll relapse. Muscle relaxers don’t work since it was a past injury and surgery.


Well done for coming here.
Tagging @Englishd and @Donnie_Spiering who might be able to help.


Have you tried other methods of soaking and/or ice? Take some tylenol or naproxen? Im recently healing from injuries and feel the same way about being prescribed an opiate and didnt go. Just know that those drugs wont make anything better. Usually we will over work the injury making it worse as we dull the pain. Just relax and soak your body. Usually these pains only last a few days- few weeks they are just an annoyance at the time…


I’ve been icing for every 3 hours and taking Tylenol but it’s just not working. It’s gotten so bad I’m back to using a cane


Yeah i can feel your pain. I felt like i was 80yr old trying to get up from a chair and walked stiff for the first few days. I tried a flexeril and that was no help really. I tried to stay off it as much as i could and rested. Im a week out now about now. it bothers me but i feel its healing… It will pass … It sucks when injuries are fresh but just be easy on yourself


Pain is like an emotion, it’ll pass…I’m with wise @Benedictine on this one though…go to a doctor and explain the situation…they might have something for you…But most importantly you get the relief of talking to a professional at least…and you can always hit a meeting


Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you around! I’m sorry you are going through this shit. Is it possible to go to the ER and tell them you are an addict? That opiods aren’t allowed? I’ve changed all my doctors and have a warning permanently in my Urgent Care records not to prescribe me benzos. I get it if it’s not possible to go and tell them that. When the cravings get crazy it’s hard to do the right thing.


Yeah I’m getting ready to go to the ER right now my dad is going to drive me there. They are probably going to tell me I need PT but I can’t afford it right now so I honestly don’t know what to do


I don’t remember if you are in the US or not. I’ve just swallowed the debt in the past. It didn’t mess with my credit. Also, you can go and ask them to help you set up a home routine because you can’t afford to go all the time. Sounds like this is a problem that will cause issues in the future, both physically and sobriety wise. If you can kick it in the ass now then maybe it will be one less trigger.


Yeah I’m in the US I have bills up the ass but it is what it is I need help


Hang in there hun, the bills will always be there later-get what help you need to take care of you and get you feeling better!!


I hear ya. My credit card debt is over $10,000. My medical bills, we’ll I don’t even know. I’m crushing my credit card debt. Since the medical stuff doesn’t mess with my credit I will take care of that later.

I’m glad you are going to the hospital. Just figure It out so you can move forward.

Other than that, how have you been?


I’ve actually been pretty good last night was the first time I had cravings in a while. I go to meetings everyday and on Wednesday I got to a teenager rehab center to share my story and to talk with kids about AA


Glad you have reached out here. Do get some medical help, you are working hard to stay in recovery and you deserve it.


So my meniscus is torn and I told the doctor that I’m an addict but yet he still prescribed me morphine :expressionless: I threw away the proscription


Oh no! Why didn’t he prescribe you something else? I often really don’t understand doctors… I have problems with my neck and the orthopedist every time wants to prescribe me some benzos when I’m there. What the hell!?


Strong move. Fuck all that insanity. You know there’s no taking it as prescribed.

Like @Modestakieran said, eat the debt and get the PT.

Glad you came home to get the crazy out instead of hanging out in that dangerous neighborhood, your head, all by yourself.


I’m so glad things are going well! Sounds like you are throwing your help out there, which always feels good. How’s the mental health going?