Hello eceryone

Hello guys, first time poster here.

I’ve been dabbling with the app and reading posts every so often and today I decided I needed to finally build the nerve to post.

A little about myself is I’m a young cook (27) i live in NYC with my girlfriend and I have had a pretty bad drinking problem for the past 5-6 years. It’s been rocky as I’ve basically caused a lot of problems and ran away from them to Florida to just keep going and came back to New York last year to try and resolve them. It didnt really turn out that way as I’ve just been getting worse and I haven’t been taking responsibility.

Fast forward to now and I’ve basically had one of those bad drunken nights this past Sunday that made my relationship with my girlfriend on the rocks and I’m kind of scared on how things are going. I feel like she resents me and I hate myself for it. I realized my mistakes and decided to attend an A.A meeting tomorrow night after my shift to try and fix myself. I’m basically in a rut and my emotions have been all over the place and I’ve just been trying to compose myself. Besides A.A I’m also going to go back to my therapist and just get my mental health back to normal while I fix the mess I made.

I was wondering what were everyone’s first A.A meeting experiences like? I’m really nervous and I’m sure that’s common but I dont know I guess I needed to write something out before I drove myself crazy you know?


I’d be surprised if you weren’t nervous! Everyone in the rooms will know what it’s like to go to a meeting for the first time.

Some common points that get brought up about meetings:

  • You don’t have to talk/share if you don’t want to
  • Introducing yourself as new is a good way to get phone numbers of sober people to talk to
  • As you become more comfortable at meetings, arriving early and leaving late is a good way to get to know people

I like this thread about @aircircle’s first meeting: First AA meeting in one hour

And welcome to the forum!


Thank you, I feel like this forum will be a great outlet for me. I’ll definitely look through that post now.


Welcome !
Oh man, the first AA meeting… when I think back of it I still get nervous :rofl: But it’s worth it, go for it !

I was nervous as well and needed a kick in the ass to drag me there :


The more I’ve been reading of everyone first meetings the less its scaring and the more it’s kind of making me relieved and glad in going to take this first step. Im really fed up of who I’ve become and how’ve I’ve been feeling and the idea of finally taking this initial action to becoming a better person puts me at ease. Thank you


Let me just say this…

I was 4 days sober made the choice to go 10 mins before the meeting started…the door was kinda sticky and heavy when I went to go it so I barged in to a room full of people…

As I was leaving I knew the door was going to be my issue so I made sure to give it a little extra muscle…the door flew open I over compsates my feet got tangled in the rug and down I went face first to the concrete sidewalk.

So if you are worried about your first meeting just remember…open those door carefully.



Seems you kinda hit that rock bottom point for you. That’s when change begins…

I visit NA (ALL THE SAME) my first meeting I felt… I don’t belong here. I am not like them. I am different. These junkies. And a million other thoughts which where all just ways to deny myself.

I still visit the same group and another weekly. It has helped me to stay clean and calm. Throughout the worst. Together with this place.

Keep reading and sharing.

One thing I’d like to add, AA isn’t a fix it is a tool for personal growth. It will take time lots of time.
Recovery isn’t always fun but neither was drinking in your case.

Good luck and I hope you keep sharing Chef!


Is it bad if this is somewhat funny to me :wink:


I remember my first NA meeting, I was very nervous. There was a warm welcome with hugs and the people where very interesting in my recovery. At the end of the meeting there was applause for milestones and badges , wow… There was milestone of 5 years clean… I thought WTF! You!? How!? 5 years!? It was the first time I saw someone who is sober for a long time. After 15 years of addiction i was hopeless… but after my first meeting there was hope! I also wanted to be clean and calm!


I’m so pleased to hear this. Another thing to remember, is that if a particular meeting doesn’t resonate with you, try different ones. They are all different. In NYC, I went to a meeting at the 46th st clubhouse, where there are meetings pretty much every hour and the of I went to had plenty of young people. Keep an open mind an an open heart. And let us know how it goes :two_hearts::bird:

My first A.A. meeting was an eye opener. Hearing everyone share their stories, and the work they’ve put in to restore some of the ruined things in every corner of their life…it’s a big step, but it’s the right step.

Good luck.

After a night of making an ass of myself at a guy that used to be my dealer’s house I woke up half on and half off a bed and there was a puddle of barf next to me. Mine. I really didn’t know where I was. I had never had that happen when I was not at home, waking up from a black out… I found my friend getting ready for work while I was trying to take the sheets to the washing machine. He told me he wasn’t going to tell me in detail what I had done and said. He said that he had done a range of drugs with me over about 20 years and that he had never seen me so out of control. He said that if I had still been a customer that he would cut me off because I was a hot bust waiting to happen. Then he hugged me and told me that he would help me find any help I needed. Then he returned my car keys and I ran away. There were about 3/4 fingers worth of tequila in the handle I had been working so I went to a burger king to drink the rest of my handle because the shakes were kind of already on me. I drank while I called the number. There was this number I had saved in my phone under some fake name. It was the AA hotline number in the 757 part of VA. This guy who sound like he had smoked every cigar in existence and with a strong Boston accent told me where New Day was. It is a clubhouse. He told me to look for the smokers to locate it in the strip mall and: above all else: listen hard to me, Honey: we do not exchange phone numbers with the opposite gender because it is just not how things are done. Then he let me go. I rested in the car while I waited for my turn at life’s great detention room. A fucking AA meeting. Smh, how had it come to this? And I thought about all the things that had been happening that I couldn’t utter the words to.

I remember little of this first AA meeting. I remember that I was shocked that there were wall to wall couches in life’s big detention room. I melted into one and tried to not puke. I did not identify myself as a new comer. At the end, when we were to stand up and pray was when I got outed. Shaking hands and strong smell? They tried to be more welcoming than I allowed them to be. They told me that I could rest on the couch until the next meeting and someone could stay with me if I wanted. I declined the couch but I did go to the meeting a few hours later and that was where I chipped at.

That was just one of many pivotal meetings in my life. I have had to be welcomed back a few times. I’ve picked up lots of white chips. Keep coming back. This program kept me alive in years I thought it was failing me. It then kept me sober and busy for a few years so I could grow enough as a person to then realize I was needing more help than AA. Then this program put my hand in the hand of tried and vetted mental help so that I can use the program to its fullest extent. There have been a lot of firsts and I am so grateful. The first first is really special though. I wish I remembered it better.


Not at all, I was mortified when it happen…but now I laugh at myself. There is a reason my name isn’t Grace.


You are in very caring hands in this community my friend welcome take a seat relax stay awhile.:pray:

I remember I felt exactly like you before my first AA meeting. I think I was still sobering up as it was 11am meeting.
Get there early (not at the advertised time). Gives a chance for you to be welcomed as a newcomer. I’m guessing you’ll receive a handshake and a smile. Grab a coffee and grab a seat. Sit back, try to relax and listen. If you don’t want to share just say your happy to listen today and they’ll move on. Then hang around afterwards and I’m sure you’ll be asked on how your going. Your in a place where you will be understood and encouraged. Oh and they get it … Everyone was a newcomer once