Hello I'm a new member

Hi all! :grinning:
I’m just trying to work out how to use this app, and after 24 hours of trying I think I am slowly getting there…
I am severe CPTSD that turned my world to alcohol… And I am a mere first day in!
I have tried meetings but end up with so much anxiety that I simply restock and lock myself away again.
I am hopeful that by joining this group, I can reach out and find strength through identity and by reading your positive posts stay on the sober path…
I pray to one day be able to get myself to meetings and get a sponsor… But for now, I must be in sobriety.
Thank you for reading and any comments/ ideas for one genuinely locked indoors would be appreciated


Hi Ludo

No i had Net even though I was put down for EMDR… But my doctor knows EMDR is what I should have been offered so I am back on the waiting list…

This group looks amazing and I am really soaking up positivity and searching the literature for ideas and tools for my sobriety. I really appreciate your response. Thank you

Thank you so much

@Imajicka, I’m so glad you are here. I find this forum super helpful. Stick with it and know you have found a great resource for support.


Hi! Welcome to the forum. I check in here daily and sometimes multiple times to help stay focused. Reach out anytime! Glad you are here!

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Welcome, seen as you genuinely can’t get to any meetings right now I would suggest searching relevant threads and reading as much as possible. Many here have spent over 20 days in here reading and it helps. Get comfortable and stick around :smiley::grinning:
Oh and check in daily on the checking in thread :+1:

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Welcome, lovely to have you join us, you are amongst friends here. What about online meetings??

Thank you!!! I can already sense it…

welcome! sobriety isn’t a one size fits all and as much as meetings are awesome for the general population, it isn’t for everyone :slight_smile: glad to have you here! x

Awww thank you for the reassurance. I appreciate that hope as people elsewhere have told me I will never make it without meetings but I simply end up messier and self-loathing… I’m so happy to have found here

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Thank you!!!

one thing you can try is going into a ‘in the rooms’ meeting and just listen. that might help you on those white knuckle days.

Oh are they online?

Thank you… Yes I am starting to find my way around now and aim to sit tight, dipping in as much as I can and need! It’s brilliant

yup! theres one pretty much all day/evening! if you want to participate you request to and that’s it. i listened for a good while before i felt confident enough to video talk. you could even leave your camera off and they just hear your voice with a black box. but just by clicking on a meeting doesn’t mean your face is out there so it’s very casual.