Help me I'm lost


Quit my job because the vice boss is an asshole, then i visited my doctor today, it’s the last meeting of many… I got my ADHD diagnosis today, they want to take bloodsamples from me to check how much I drink… I refused, they gave me a note to bring to a clinic of my choice, when I’m ready… help me, I’m a mess


Are you afraid that your liver functioning values are too high? Or just that they’ll find out that you drink a lot?


Why did you refuse to give the blood samples? Will it affect what treatment is available to you for your ADHD?

Hopefully you can find what you’re looking for and more on this forum, there is so much help and support. We all feel a bit lost sometimes and need a nudge back on to the right path.


Hi @Sigrid and welcome. Do join us, read the threads you may find useful and take all the help you can get… beacuse why not? You deserve it.


Welcome. You are only as lost as you allow yourself to be. Step 1: Take a deep breath - focused, intential breathing is important for a variety of reasons, including clearing your mind and helping regain focus. Step 2. Resolve not to drink anymore. It’s not good for your ADHD, nor anything else, least of all your health. Step 1: Go get that testing done, and be upfront with your lifestyle and what will then be past habits. This is super important. They cannot help you if you don’t give them all the information. You may feel a little lost in your recovery especially at first, but believe me, things become crystal clear with a clear mind and the ability to focus better. You may still have ADHD, but it is only exacerbated by drinking. You’re here, asking for help, these are a couple of important first steps. Realizing that you’re a “mess” is a pretty huge step, IMO. It was realizing that that catapulted me into quitting. You only have one life, and a limited number of “lucky breaks.” Be grateful for the lucky breaks you’ve been given and give yourself a chance not to need so much luck anymore!

Wishing you clarity and strength today and going forward! <3



I felt that they wanted to hurt me, that they didn’t trust me… because I told them I do drink to much… but then I’m also a nurse so I saw the different anlysis they were going to do with the blood and as a nurse I know what they mean… So I felt stepped on that they didn’t explain to me before that they didn’t trust me


Yes, I’m afraid… I’ll still get the meds, the thing is I don’t want them


If you don’t work there anymore then what’s the harm? As a nurse you know that it would be wise to check how your body is doing.


Sorry to hear you felt that way but maybe you are over thinking this a bit… Does it really matter what they think of you or whether they trust you? If you know you drink too much then you know what the blood tests will show. What they think about that doesn’t matter. They might even be able to give you some suggestions on options available to you to help you stop drinking. I assume you’re here because you want to stop so it could even end up being the thing you need to make it happen!


I totally agree with siand @Sigrid. Guess it’s better to face the truth and get the blood test done. I’m a nurse too and I know it’s hard sometimes. Sure you can make it. Glad you’re here. Wish you well.


Hope things will be good


First 24 h sober, it goes very well. I don’t have any symptoms of withdrawal, so that’s good. Im thinking maybe I have a more psychological addiction than physical?


Hmm…you don’t have symptoms. That’s awesome…how ever if you were to keep drinking you would get the symptoms…how ever you look at this the treatment will be the same. Just don’t drink, one day at a time. AA saved my life, others have benefited from other groups, very few make it by themselves. You came to this forum, which means there is a problem. Please ask for help and accept it. You can do this. You’ve done it already. Just be sober today. :slight_smile:


Speaking only to my own recovery, the psychological part is more insidious than the physical. The physical addiction was strong though and sure didn’t make things easy.

It’s great to see you came back tonight, though! I’ve found a lot of guidance and support here that have helped me a lot. Keep going. Stack those days on one at a time. And think about the doc again if you need it.


What I feel is tired and grumpy, also felt some nausea earlier and I can’t sleep, but I’ve been drinking every day for the last six months, more than a glass of wine, more like 2-3 glass every day some days 5… so I should have more withdrawal symptoms


Sigrid, stay sober. Put your sobriety above everything and the rest of your life will come together little by little. You got this.


I was drinking 2-3 bottles a day, pretty much spaced out throughout the day (starting from when I woke up in the morning). I didn’t have much in the way of withdrawals. I quit following a 3-bottle day, plus a few sips of whiskey & some weed at a friend’s house. 3-4 days of actual noticeable detoxing (mostly shakiness) and brain fog, though my overall physical sense of well being continued to improve ove the following weeks. I had no nausea or vomiting or headaches I had developed quite a tolerance to it. I think withdrawal symptoms vary person-to-person depending on a lot of factors, but trust me, you ARE detoxing, even if it doesn’t really feel like it right now.

Keep it up! You can do it! xo


@Sigrid, hey my name’s Tracy, and I’m an alcoholic. Blood work is necessary for anybody being prescribed meds for ADHD. It’s common practice & so is obtaining alcohol history. Always be honest with your Dr. they’re your advocate and bound by confidentiality. So walk into the clinic tomorrow to get it done. Do not drink while taking these meds, it’s a bad combination.

As far as quitting the job, when I drank, everyone was an assh#%e… but no one was a bigger one, then me. I needed help. Alcohol was destroying my life, my career, my family & my self-respect. I could not control it. I couldn’t live with it. I couldn’t live without it. I had to either get help or wait for it to kill me… or possibly someone else.

I chose help. I chose AA. That was 26 years ago. It saved my life & could do the same for you, if your ready & willing. If not AA, research other recovery support groups, even if you do not commit to something lifelong…commit to some help temporarily while you figure things out. No such thing as too much support in early recovery. It can make the difference between walking away from alcohol for a week or forever.

Happy to help in any way I can :heart:


I don’t want meds for my adhd, I’m perfectly fine without them and I’ve been going to a therapist for almost two years now and it helps to tackle life, but during the summer my drinking have been getting worse, I’m going through a divorce, my husband was psychologically breaking me down and I left him May 1st and have been trying to tackle everything with both that and my therapists vacation on 3 months… the drinking have been bad in my eyes, I usually don’t drink often or much but the last 6 months I’ve been drinking between 1 and 5 glasses of wine every day… maybe that’s not much for some but for me that is very much, I’ve never tried any drugs and I have no wish to do so.


So it seems like the advice we’re giving you isn’t what you want to hear… You asked for help, what kind of help are you looking for?

Sounds like you’re going through a rough patch. It’s really brilliant that you’ve recognised the amount you’re drinking is not healthy for you. Now is the time to take steps to address it! If you haven’t stumbled across this thread yet, it might be worth a read :blush: