Help please I’m lost

So I’ve been lurking in the background convincing myself my problem ain’t that bad but I’ve drunk way to much again and I have been hiding my drinks as well lately. I have no idea how or where to start and I am currently beating my self up inside and have done stuff I shouldn’t have. I have just now decided enough is enough I don’t want to hide anything and I want to be clean. Only problem is I feel so alone and I’m scared and anxious I have 3 little kids and I’m away from home visiting relatives. I am dying inside and so upset with myself I want to change! Sorry for the tragic introduction but after years of denial I just want to change! Thanks :pray:


Here is a hug for you for starters. Glad you have posted and are ready to get some help; help yourself.


I lurked for a while too. Participating here has been so good for my recovery. I share as I walk through challenging things sober. It helped me get through some big things and stay sober.

My anxiety was horrible. It much more manageable now.

Not drinking one day at a time has given me my life back. This place has been a huge help for me to stay focused. Glad your here! Keep participating! This place is here 24/7. your never alone!


Thanks I’m just so disappointed with myself I am wide awake and just wishing I could turn back time and not drink I never have actually admitted to having a genuine problem until now but I am fed up being shackled to this stuff. How can I calm down to sleep?


Hey welcome to TS, I am sorry that you feel alone. It is pretty shocking when we realize that our problem is much bigger than we thought it was. I remember that feeling well.

There’s a meditation app called Insight Timer. They have sleep meditations maybe that will help you.


I say this every night. It’s also the screen saver on my phone. Until recently I didn’t really understand it but now that I do it’s brought me peace and clarity.

God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change; The COURAGE to change the things I can; And the WISDOM to know the difference.

Welcome to TS. It is a safe place for you to find wisdom, encouragement and strength from others.


Maybe tell her how she can help herself!??

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I too have young kids and have been where you are. If you truly want to stop, you will. If you want to drink, then you will! Take it easy on yourself!

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Hi, go easy on yourself for starters. I too, have many, many regrets and a thousand wishes that I had actually quite the first time I tried. The past is the past and cannot be changed. Immerse yourself in sober literature and sober personal stories. That helped me with understanding my addiction and pointed me in the right direction. Walking daily is very helpful for releasing tension and rebuilding energy. Spend lots of time here and visit the many threads, especially the ones that you can relate too. This is a great place filled with many kind and welcoming people, and I credit this place for my sobriety. I wish you the very best!!!


I think the best would be tea or water and some light reading, or perhaps sober lit. That may help with distracting your mind and make you sleepy. It sounds like you may be experiencing alcohol withdrawal anxiety. Very unpleasant and the only advice I have is, don’t drink anymore alcohol and just ride it out. You should feel better in a few days :yellow_heart:

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@Babbs4…We’re all at different comfort levels when it comes to offering advice or not offering advice at all. Also, not everyone on this forum is here for alcohol. Sometimes sending a hug is all we can do and that’s ok too.

Welcome @Garymenace! I’m glad you’re here. I found reading a lot on here helped me get through the early days. There’s a ton of wisdom on this forum. There is a :mag_right: at the top which is a great tool when questions come to mind. Wishing you well on your journey.


Hello @Garymenace I am so sorry you are struggling. You are really not alone, not while you continue posting here. I lurked here and other places for ages before committing. I know lots of people have had success with AA. Personally I found reading William Porter’s Alcohol Explained, and Alan Carr and Annie Grace made all the difference for me. Reading those and then checking in regularly here as helped me so much.

Good luck, I was where you are 3 weeks ago and made this my first day. I am so happy now and changing every day for the better.


I have 2 kids. I relapsed last night and today is awful. I had got to 220 days before this relapse but then I relapsed twice back to back. Take it one day at a time. I know I will be. After a while it gets so much easier. Trust me. I’ve been in the depths of withdrawal and then passing certain number of days life just felt awesome


If you have an Alexa/other enabled device listen to a podcast and just chill listening. It helps so much

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Coming here and admitting you have a problem is a good place to start. It’s the first step. Now you must decide what you are willing to do to achieve and maintain sobriety. Ideally, you will learn that whatever you are looking to find, won’t be found in a bottle of booze.

The answers are within you.

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Thank you for all the replies I managed some sleep and have not had any drink today. I am trying to get some good sleep tonight and determined to stay alcohol free. Thank you again for all the replies and advice


I am glad you are here and reaching out. Those feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety can be so incredibly overwhelming and debilitating to our spirits. Being on here and reading and interacting helped me a lot in my early days. Just trying to get thru the day can be so hard, but each small victory can add up. You deserve a happy and healthy life and you CAN have that. Take it one minute at a time if you have to. I recommend lots of snacks and flavored seltzer water, maybe some hard candies. I fed my cravings or took them for walks or baths or slept them off. All harder to do I know with little kids at home. Maybe a trip to the park which includes a lot of running and screaming for them and you too. :heart:


Big hugs 🫂. I had relapsed but I’m close to a month now dry​:tada: Sadly it’s normal to feel all that you’re saying. Everything you said and more. You’re not alone. This is such a good place to be. Lots of us in the same ocean. On the same path to be better because deep down we know we can and we want to. Some days will go smooth and some will be tough. Even just reading other people’s posts helps. Keep going strong :muscle: Do it for you though in my opinion. The rest will fall naturally because once you’re good . You’ll be good for your babies. 🫂 And anyone else in your life. That’s something I definitely learned. Keep coming here and meetings etc. We got this ,:raised_hands::tada::raised_hands::tada::metal:🫂:muscle:



I don’t believe it has been posted yet

Welcome to the forum! 2022

Lots of good resources of various types. I started with an online program and reading ‘quit lit’.

You are not alone and it can be done. I couldn’t believe where my drinking took me, and the damage I did to my kids, so I hear u :purple_heart:


Welcome! It’s lovely to meet you. Well done on taking the hardest step and admitting that you have a problem. You are among people that understand what you are going through. Take it nice and steady, one step at a time. I wish you all the best, welcome to they family :pray:t2::two_hearts: