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Why isn’t there an help topic? Asking for a friend.
I’m pretty sure the majority of people here does NOT a ton of sober time under their belt, like me. Some of us are active drinkers who are trying to stop or thinking about it.

Like there is a « checking in to help maintain focus » topic, why there isn’t one for people who need help and doesn’t want to create a new topic every time they need help or need to talk? I’m proposing that because I’m reading this forum almost everyday but never feel the right to post because I don’t have already committed to sobriety. How do you engage with people like this? How can we be part of this community?

Like I said, asking for a friend.


There’s actually a few I’ve come across, I think. Let me search and see if I can find the ones I’m thinking of …
Edit, I think I see @ifs replying so I’ll wait for his response as he knows his way around here better than I do :blush:

Having separate topics for different issues helps keep things organized. People ask for help for many different things, and most people can’t read through them all. If they create a topic with an informative title, they can catch the interest of people who have help to offer on that topic, and they’re more likely to get relevant help that way.

If you don’t want to post a new topic, you can also search for one that’s related to your concern, that works as well. A nonspecific help topic is fine, but people often skip over threads that don’t appear to be addressing something specific that’s relevant to them, and you might get a few less replies.


Hiya James @ifs

What about the ‘seeking help’ category? That’s for folks trying, but not sober. Maybe with a title of “Daily Checkin for those still trying or new” Folks would need to ‘opt in’ to the category to see any posts, and I have no idea how or if it would work. What do you think oh wise one? :thinking::kissing_heart:

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that’s what I was going to say.


This may help - it is about people who are seeking help, especially because they are under the influence - it’s got the instructions on how to opt in:

@WCan - Would it be accurate to say you don’t feel like you have a space to post about your concerns? You mentioned feeling like you didn’t have a space to post because you don’t feel you have enough sober time or commitment to sobriety. What did you mean by that?

Hi there!! There is a Seeking Help category where people who are still working toward sobriety (still drinking) can post looking for support or guidance.

It is an opt in category. You can find it here and sign up…hope this helps!!

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