Seeking Help - Under the influence (new opt-in category)


Hello, everyone.

A while ago we took a vote to decide if we should enable a separate category where people are allowed to post under the influence. The vote can be found here:

The results were in favor of such a topic.

I’ve set up a category that is invisible and won’t appear on the home page unless you opt into the group. I’ve added a section to the forum rules and guidelines Forum Rules and Guidelines that reference this. The forum rules and guidelines appear as a banner to every new user until they dismiss it, so they should see it here.

For those who wan’t to check the group out and opt in, here’s the link:

Tagging the members who were involved in the discussion, hope I don’t miss anyone:
@Restlesssoul @Zara @MissQuinn @VSue @LeilaBird @Melrm @MindyS85 @Ace1 @WhiteDoves @Charlesfreck @Joy_Fullmer @Marcus @Fceltia63 @Oliverjava @Roga

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I'm sad. When I'm sad, I'm gonna vent in here rather than overloading my friend

Thank you Robin :blush:.
You are a great Admin in managing this page. I hope my msg went through about my response you asked for feedback on. I do see I am “opted in” and I appreciate that. It is good for those UTI to have somewhere to vent less the thought of offending or breaking rules. Actually as we all realize, if they are UTI, they surely are not looking up rules.
You have laid out a great foundation for a new Avenue with in your app. You opened up to upon our suggestions. You created reasonable boundaries along with allowing positive feedback. Thank you all.
Thank you Robin. It matters.


For those who are new that may not know this is the category called “seeking help”. This is where you post while under the Influence. It is an opt in category. Im sure none of you would want to jepordize someone’s sobriety and or upset any members here. So please respect the rules and post under this category while under the influence. Thanks in advance!!!


I'm not sure they can see that category unless they've opted in first, not sure how that works @Robin?

And if they're actively drinking it might be hard to find? :wink:

It's also not clear that it's for active users/ drinkers....just says "seeking help" :blush:

I went ahead and changed categories myself....on posts where I see they're actively using and could trigger others, but can the poster see that if they haven't opted into this category?


This might be a stupid question, but can you opt back out if you need to?


@Robin please advise.


Yes you can! I had to :grimacing::pensive: If you go to your profile, click on the The seeking help link there is something to click on to be removed.


Thanks! Didn’t want to join unless I knew I could back out if needed :laughing: