Hi everyone I finally got a place in rehab

Hi just to update u all I’m going in Tues x it will be hard but I have to do it :hugs: so hope it works


Rehab I meant x

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That’s great! :facepunch: A great start for a great life!


You’ll do great and your going to have so much to look forward to when you done… What a good start


Thanks everyone xxx

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Good luck! Work hard, you are worth a sober life

Best of luck!!!

Awesome be proud to start a new life absorb as many tools as you can and you’ll do great make the best of it your worth every bit of sobriety feel proud for going keep us updated

Proud of you for making that decision!!! The start of a new life! :heart:

I’m so happy you finally got a spot! This just might be the best thing you will ever do for yourself! Today is the day and I wish you all the best. Fight for yourself like you would fight for anyone else. I find this is key. I always fought harder for others. Not anymore!

Congratulations! Make the most of it. Remember, no matter how much you might want to leave, the payoff outweighs a mere month of inconvenience. You are worth it.

I’m sorry I missed this post. I hope you get to see this before you go in.

Congratulations and good luck. I often wish I had the ability to go into a rehab. Just to get away from everyday crap and really focus on myself!! You’ll be stronger when you come out.