Hi I need help

Sometimes think that I am a frustrated person because I am trying to stop drinking alcohol but I can’t

What are some good reasons you drink? I literally couldn’t think of any but the amount of positive reasons to not drink for me is endless.


What is it in your life that’s pulling you back?

You can do it, but something has to change. Whether that means an in-patient program, a change in the people you socialize with, or something else entirely, there are lots of options out there depending on what it is that is causing you to relapse.

Don’t give up, though, we’re here for you. A relapse isn’t failing as long as you get back up and try again.

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Maybe you are over thinking about it and then the more you think about alcohol the more you want it, it feels like you are negative talking to yourself instead of being positive, which in turn sends you on a vicious circle, just my thoughts. What is your trigger? What do feel at the time you want a drink?

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