Hi I'm new but not new lol

Hello everyone, as my topic says I’m new here but not new here I was on this app before but you know life gets in the way. I am now 42-year-old mother of four. Happily married been with my husband for 7 years married one October is our anniversary. We are both recovering addicts and alcoholics. I myself have been sober since I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. May 2001. My husband on the other hand has a very hard time staying sober. He will last a few months, one time he even made it to the year mark! But he always relapses . I’m trying my hardest to maintain my sobriety maintain my serenity and my sanity lol and I find that coming on here and discussing things with people or reading other people’s stories helps. A lot. So in short I just wanted to say I appreciate all of you and sharing your stories and putting yourself out there and I appreciate this app, forgiving is all the ability to come together and help one another.

Edit: my first sober date was in 2001 my last sober date was 2020 … My relapse wasn’t very long and I had my husband with me so it was a bit easier this time.


Welcome back Tiffany, it’s good to see you again!

The relapse cycle is brutal. It’s so hard.

Have you considered joining Al-Anon? It’s for family and friends of alcoholics:

Eric also has a helpful thread:

Are you affected by a loved one who is an addict?

Welcome back :innocent: