How is everyone today



Been on my trial day for my new job today and i start in four weeks. My anxiety has gone off now am eating lots off food constantly hungry witch is good. Feeling very happy almost 15 days soba bring on another sober weekend with my loved ones.


Hi @Steviefoster . Sounds like your trial day went well if you are starting in 4 weeks … well done! Everyone gets anxious starting a new job… but better doing it sober… keep it going mate :grin:


Congratulations on the new job! And your sobriety :sunglasses:


Trying to get used to my new meds which are making me feel funny. Regretting therapy later because I went on a special bender over the weekend and pissed off the wife again. Trying to find strength somewhere.


Thats another reason why i want to stay sober i might actually be able to hold on to a decent relationship. Hope things get better. Yea i have had to hand my notice in at my job now witch is 4 weeks. I was really suffering with my anxity as i have just come off my meds i have been on cor 8 years and giving up the drink also been a massive challenge


Look inside of yourself for that strength not not around you…you got it in there, just have to let it out…be well.


Congratulations on getting the job Stevie. Plus for you, and more incentive to stick with it.:grin:


Thanks guys means alot


What the fuck is wrong with me…
I get an extreme amount of stress and feel overwhelmed and my natural impulse is to say “FUCK IT” and literally fuck up my own world in any self destructing way possible.
Literally filled with anger right now and it’s pointless. I’m sick n tired of being this person. Bc in the end I’ll just hurt everyone I love.


I know the feeling and i know how hard it is but you really need to find another way of letting out your anger reaching for the bottle and getting pissed out our brains only hold the anger in then your 20 times worse you dont get rid of whats inside.try going to a meeting or hitting the gym or running something to get them endorphins going. Your the only person who can change who you are or who yoh wanna be


My flight or fight response is to self destruct. Like a petulant little child not getting his way. It’s fucking tearing my life apart


You need to find someone close out of the drinking environment some one you can talk to when your like this if your on your own. Your going to be your own worse enemy


Hey pal, Do you ever meditate? It has really changed my life. I listen to this one often:


Ok I know this sounds kind of stupid but it works for me. When I get raging I make myself come up with ten slang words for vagina in my head and either I think of one that makes me giggle or by the time I get to ten I’ve calmed a bit. Sorry if that’s inappropriate lol


I’m going to try that.


No I hardly ever take time to sit quietly. I am doing self reflecting right now but not meditating


I’m with a sober friend right now and I’m at the inpatient rehab doing paperwork.


It’s worth a try. I like guided meditations. Three are many on YouTube or free apps. Daily meditative meditation really helps my moods generally and also is a good go-to wheni am upset.


im so sleepy today and my heart hurts and eyes too😣


I need it bc if I don’t watch my anger I’m gonna wind up dead or back in prison.