How many days does everyone have? Don't be shy!


We never shoot our wounded! If you are only a few days in, share! I envy your honestly to be honest with yourselves! How many days does everyone have?

Me - 497

  1. We are almost sober twins. So close!!


Almost 9 days :grin:


739! Just celebrated two years here :fist:


11 Days and unbelievably proud! That was the last reset ever, this number is gonna grow with every day until my death💪


31 days for me


Today is day 435 :pray:t2::heart::sunrise:


On day 22!!!


Working on day 3. Hope everyone has a wonderfull day.


I have 114 days and counting!! And I am loving my beautiful sober life. Congratulations to everyone!!! Lets keep adding our days up.


A lot keep on trucking


276 days, today.

Before this, the longest I had ever gone was 130 days. I have more than doubled that, and I plan to keep adding days for the rest of my life.


34 days! :muscle:t2::tipping_hand_woman:t3::tipping_hand_woman:t3::tipping_hand_woman:t3:


14 days of actually being myself


6 days this time.


Aww it’s envious to see you guys with 50+ days, hell I even envy someone who reach 14+ days, I’ll make sure I reach more days than you guys, but one step at a time, it’s a day 1 for me!


464 days since I last said “yes” to the drink that matters…the first drink. 464 days of getting better at getting better each and every day. Better today than I was yesterday, and tomorrow better still.


324 beautiful days!!! Congrats to everyone!


20 days today


120 days but still struggle when I think of future holidays or nights with friends.