How many days does everyone have? Don't be shy!


40 days !! Woop woop x


50 days! :grin::grin::taco::taco:


151 days. Yaaaasssssss


65 days and I haven’t felt this amazing in decades :grinning:


171 days. And so that I fulfill the 10 character rule, here’s a list of every Beatles song in alphabetical order…



667 days :blush::sunglasses::star_struck:


6 glorious days!!! :grin::rofl:


216! I keep overestimating my days. Wishful thinking, but 216 is great and I can’t believe how fast time is flying.


416 days of getting it right.


19 days so far. Feels great! :slight_smile:


372 days and planning to add at least a couple more :slightly_smiling_face:


61 days! Hope to have many more.


131 days here!


I am 29 days today. Feel good, sleeping better, and enjoying my family in a new way.


Don’t get cocky bro. You got today :rofl::rofl:


Im not cocky, but i do have an awesome support group and much faith.


( @Chris9 He wasn’t saying this about you, he was replying to somebody that posted before , as you can see on the top right of his post)

On shy day 5 today. Good news is that today I’m on the good and right path. Looking forward to get more sobriety time again. But today is already a good day being sober and making the right choice at every moment.


Sorry man, I was talking to @Neighbrofthebeast668 lol. Faith is an integral part of recovery. I rely on my higher power everyday to keep me sober.


Day 25! I’m so determined and actually doing treatment and taking care of myself this time around so it feels much easier than the white knuckling I did previously. I haven’t had this many days sober for 2 1/2 years and I’m proud of myself.


56 days and new to this app, hello everyone!