How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


Yes I drank everyday. The moment my eyes opened in the morning I thought about my next drink. Right now my whole life is consumed by drinking or fighting to not drink. I have terrible anxiety right now as I’m about to leave for work and have to deal with the consequences of taking 2 sick days off. It’s a bitter pill to swallow especially considering I’m in management.


Me to my anxiety is what makes me drink I’m also an ever day drinker been dealing with this for 17 years


Drinking will take away the anxiety but it will bring it back raging stronger than ever before and coupled with guilt and shame. I read somwhere on here that recovery is uncomfortable. Very true. I read a whole book yesterday. Watched documentaries on alcohol.


Why does everyone say drink lots of water durning quiting


Alcohol is a diuretic so you lose a lot of body water and electrolytes when your drinking. Which is what gives us the headache. Good luck @helen. I’m off to work to face my consequences :confused:


435 days today!


5 months in a few hours🐢


212 days no alcohol and 262 days no cigs and 12 no caffeine…yippee


150 days in 1 hour :grin:


I am 61 days alcohol free today, feeling good.


On day two.

After 781 days sober, I slipped, got back on for two months, slipped, got back on for a month and then slipped again. It’s really hard to get back to the way I felt at my two year soberversary. I just joined this site today and will check in daily. I love sobriety and my slips weren’t about drinking. They were about feelings I need to figure out. Self sabotage. I’m back on my journey and I know I can do it.


2 years 10 months and 11 days. Its kinda funny to see peoples faces when you tell them you don’t drink. I wouldn’t be where I am without AA in the beginning. A strong support structure makes a huge difference.


:star:I have been sober four days​:star:


275 days free from opiate hell.


That is impressive


I respect your honestly and admire your strength.


Day2 again


Good luck, Laura.

37 days without clonazepam. 59 alcohol sober. And last weekend I just broke off my sans cocaine period of almost eight months ): But I won’t fall again, that’s why I got this app.

Thanks for reading, if you do.


Hy Collie would you like to share the name of the book With us? Thanks a lot


8 and a half days! Seems to be getting easier, but the urges are still there :worried: