How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


155 days. Hurray for me. The first 90 days were compulsory. That was the magic number I needed to graduate from an addiction recovery program.


check out that thread.


Great idea, man.


31years this friday 15th


Wow! Amazing. Good for you.


Just did what i was told and got into the middle of the bed and it worked no slips or relapes but its only for the day spoke at meeting in many countries but it could be anywere as everyone is there to get help and give help great journey


9 months this Thursday the 14th.


I think you got spellchecked! Did you mean middle of the herd? Lol.


Little over 6 months here. 189 days I think. Like my friend @Ray_M_C_Laren, I followed suggestions from people like me. Not all of them, cuz I’m a stubborn prick. But I did most of what I was told. Not only from my sponsor, but from the people I surround myself with. If i took all the years of sobriety years of people that I have in my phone, it would equal hundreds and hundreds of years of sobriety :wink:


no middle of the bed dont hang on the edge you might fall off


18 days. So far so good. Entered a medical detox program Sept 1. Had some minor complications but by the 11th was released.


78 days!!:blush::blush:


28 days later haha


10 days lastnight


15 hours daily drinker scared just want to feel better


31 hrs. You will get through this @helen !


Are you started to feel better


Yes I do feel better. I have moments of anxiety that come crashing like waves. But I know it’s just the brain doing its chemical dance. It will pass. I know this because I have crawled out of this hole before. A lot of people on this forum know this feeling.


Did you drink everday