How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


Way to go! @bre.bre


Day 107. Looking forward to 4 months!


21 months and 12 days. I am just as mentally deranged as I was when I wasn’t sober. The only difference between now and then is that I am aware of it. Oh and I don’t have to sleep in an abandoned car, dodge the police, sell myself short, steal, cause harm to myself and others, nor put a substance in my body every 5 minutes. I am thankful for the guidance of a loving sponsor and the 12 steps. Thank you.


One half day. Might as well be honest.


That’s where it all starts.


76 days and happy!


22 days and counting!


Three days


4 years from other drugs.
0.91 days from alcohol.


Itll be 3 weeks in a few hours! This app has helped more than I could have imagined


10 months off booze and smokes


7 days today!!! Got through the weekend sober which I haven’t done in a long time. Cravings came at me hard on Friday night but I rode it out and the rest of the weekend was easier. Felt great, was motivated and productive, and took my dog to the beach today to watch him run around, which always brings me joy. :slight_smile:


3 weeks today!


15 days here today, not my first attempt, but everytime I convince myself that I want to live in sobriety.


4 days for me


I’m celebrating 13 years clean and sober today!! God is good…


Good for you. Stay strong and focused.


I know how you feel I also have anxiety attacks and trying to quit drinking to. 13 years under my belt in drinking, just gone on 35 days sober and 2 months since my last sever panic attack. I like to think that my mind is going under construction, upgrading itself in a sense. I like to say dancing with death because that is how it feels, if I was the list the symptoms it be a nice good list and the fact that I’m doing it without medication, I tell you it’s been quite the journey. My adventure still goes on and some of the symptoms and attacks have simmered but I still experience mild episodes. If anything more power to us because tackling anxiety and alcoholism is no joke. I will leave you with this quote " your journey begins when you are not in your comfort zone" :wink: good luck :fist:


Amen. God is good🙏


Day 10! All good, but this is usually when I convince myself that if I can go over a week I must be a normal drinker after all. Not this time! Take a lot of encouragement from reading the posts here. It makes you realise that you are not alone!