How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


30 days at midnight tn!


I just hit 30 today too. Awesome job!!


382 days!!!


just hit 13 today…


28 years 11 days and going strong. It can be done one minute at a time one hour then one day. Thank God for other people helping me maintain.


112 days, well done everyone :+1:


31 days under my belt! Yesterday I had some anxiety as my last relapse was on what would have been my 31st day!


The weekend is starting here, any tips? On day 4…thanks


Keep busy. Do laundry, housework, watch movies that keep your interest, dont drink…


Good morning, I have been sober for 10 years, and 4 months.


Stay busy! Get out and exercise if you enjoy that…hiking, running, etc. Something to get those good endorphins going to make you feel good! Have some yummy non alcoholic drinks on hand, I like making sparkling water mixed w lemonade and a squeeze of lime in a nice glass…something refreshing that tastes good, more exciting than plain water.
Also I’m reading a book called The 30 Day Sobriety Solution which has been really motivating. You read a bit each day and then do some journaling, really helps me stay focused and remember why I’m doing this.
And then just think how great you’ll feel and how proud of yourself you’ll be on Monday after staying sober this weekend, it’s a great feeling! It’s tough but so worth it to feel empowered and like I’ve gained some control of my life back. You can do it!


20 days! I can’t wait to hit that 30 day mark :slight_smile:


Did awesome last night some cravings but stayed on the straight and narrow and so glad. All thanks to you guys and super great hubby. Day 5 and love being alive


198 days! I am realizing that my drinking was a symptoms of other issues. (I know that’s probably something obvious to most lol).


Omg!! I have that book too, it’s a great read!!


On day 40 today! :slight_smile: trudging along!


3 days, 12 hours. Trying my best to stay strong. All of the above posts with double digit days gives me so much hope.


18 days, 14.5 hours… and 40 days before that (I can’t let those days go yet!)


38 days free from whiskey


I’m so happy for you… I remember how you struggled those first days and it’s so impressive how you persevered. Happy 38:)