How many of you?

How many of you stop drinking because of this app? And how did you do that? Seems like I can’t say no to that one drink. Thanks​:heart::pray:t6:

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I did! Well…to be fair…I stopped drinking because I realized that I had to if I wanted a life worth living. BUT…this app has been a cornerstone of my sobriety. 869 days later I am thankful as anything to @Robin and all the regulars here with their wisdom and compassion.


I’m new to recovery again (day 4)… but I have struggled with addiction for 20 years, with having different amounts of sobriety. Since I joined this app and starting talking to others on here, it has made the world of difference. It’s not to say that I havent relapsed since joining, but things are different. I see recovery in a different way… I’m starting to understand myself and my addictive thinking… and I definitly dont feel alone anymore in this. This app has been a safe place for me to talk about anything and to get insight from others on why I do what I do. It’s been wonderful! I’m definitly here to stay :slight_smile: lol

For me it took “hitting rock bottom” to the point of being so depressed because of where my life was because of alcohol. I truly didn’t see the point in living anymore and kind of just wanted to not wake up, and when I would I would just drink. I hated everything and everyone, the depression was so deep. I really hope it doesn’t take that much for you. A lot of people have success quitting after a traumatic event, like a “rock bottom” type thing. In a way it’s a good thing because when you come out of it it’s like walking into a really colorful world of beautiful colors and all your senses are alert. Like the scene in wizard of oz going from black and white to color. I hope you can do it without going to that place because it is scary! Learn from other people’s stories, learn from other peoples “rock bottom” so hopefully yours isn’t as deep. This forum is awesome I wish I would have found it sooner, good luck to you!

I didn’t stop because of this app. I stopped before I found this app, but I can tell you that it has helped me alot support wise since my AA classes got canceled due to the virus. So glad I found this app doing it alone is no joke.

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This app is like any other part of any program. It’s usefulness is directly related to your willingness to take everything you can get from it - checking in daily, posting often, asking for help. You need to work with the tools offered in this forum, just like you work the tools in another program.

Quitting is the easy part - getting and staying sober, after that, is where the work comes in.


Didn’t stop drinking/using because of this site/app, but I did seek this app out because I knew that I needed to do something different this time. I’m not ready to attend meetings, though I’ve thought about it. So this site/app is kind of my stepping stone. Maybe eventually I’ll start attending online meetings, then (once all this COVID crap is over) maybe I’ll hit up something in person. In the end, making the choice to say no to that one drink has to come from inside of you. You can have the support of the whole world, but if you don’t really want it, it’s not going to happen.

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I quit substance abuse because I hit rock bottom and needed to quit to make my live worth living.

Used this app (and forum) as a mental booster, as a side kick I have Sober Today installed as well. It meant a lot to me in early recovery and still does in fact. It helped seeing my clean time and set things in perspective. One day at a time or just one hour if I went through a rough time. Attended to a lot of meetings as well. Both proven to be important to me. The big advantage of Sober Time over Sober Today is the ability to keep track of more than one addiction/habit.

I guess that combination (seeing my clean time as an achievement in an app and the meetings) is the key thing that’s keeping me clean and sober.

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I attribute a lot of my success with sobriety to this app. I did it by connecting to others and sharing my own story pretty early on. The support and connection was possibly just what I needed to see Sobriety was possible and better.