How special is TS ⭐

You guys, a short one: I’ve never been one for social media and this app is the first and only form of online public communication I’ve ever engaged in. From my regular taking part here I’m sure you all know how much I love this place.
Now, I’ve for many years been a reader of this online feminist site called Jezebel which also has an online community attached. I figured, can’t be so bad. I’ve often read the comment section there and poeple are witty and progressive there. So, I took the leap and posted something. While my post got some likes and even two friendly replies, some people actually took the time to criticise how it was written and how I sounded like an idiot. :frowning: Some others took the time to agree with these posts. Now. I’m obvs not posting this to get pittied. I’ll live, barely. But it showed me clearly how blessed and fortunate we are with this place and that everyone here makes an effort to be supportive and courteous. I genuinely feel that because everyone here does work on themselves and is going through the recovery process, learning to take what you need and leave the rest, clean our side of the street etc, it shows in the way we communicate and makes this place so special and safe. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone on here! You all are contributing to something so valuable and dear to me and I’m grateful to learn and grow through everyone’s input and positive, supportive attitude. THANK YOU TS community! :heart:

Also, how do you deal in real life internet, where people just don’t care!? :scream::dizzy_face::sweat_smile:


That is a wonderful way of putting it.

Totally agree! :pray::sparkling_heart::sparkles:


I think the big difference between TS and other online platforms is here, we admit and accept our brokenness, and are therefore less apt to tear others down. Ego is much less an issue here.

And if no one has told you this today, I am happy that you are part of the community.


Well put! We don’t always get everything right, but I believe we mostly come from a place of support and community and respect…and that is so important for healing. It is a special place.



And this too!!


Thank you Stevie, this means a lot to me.


Thank you sassy. Going to bed beaming and very glad. Thanks.


Thanks @Faugxh
I also cannot believe how supportive everyone is here. Maybe we’ve had a troll once and awhile but it gets taken care of with some of the regulars and our fantastic moderators. I’m also finding TS special and safe and for the next couple of weeks will probably be on more often. Sometimes I think I’m on here too much. But if it makes me feel good then I guess that’s good. Thanks for starting this topic. Looking forward to reading responses.
“Take what you want. Leave the rest.”


I think it’ll also make a few other people feel good if you’re on here more often in the next couple weeks… :innocent::cat:




I find every one of your posts loving, caring and supportive. Thank you for being here and thank you for being you. People can be so cruel when they get behind a screen. I’m happy that we don’t get many here and they’re quickly shut down.

I’ve never been on any other forums nor do I have social media. I get everything I need from the awesome supportive people right here. Taking what I need and leaving the rest is working just fine.


You know, one of the things that I think makes TS so special is the fact that there are people all up and down the political spectrum here, but that it doesn’t matter. What matters is helping others be clean and sober. In most people here there is a genuine love and care for each other that is mature, and sees the other as a human being instead of dehumanizing someone because of those political views.

I feel sad that you had the experience you did in Jezebel’s online community. It should have been a place where you felt accepted and cared for. You always have a place here though. I’m not a social media person either, so I’m sure I would have felt really bad if I’d had the experience you did. I’m glad you’re here and it’s their loss not to have you.


I have been on a couple of other sites. Ego definitely ran a muck there. I feel here at TS the ego’s get checked at the door. People actually CARE and support one another. We have all been broken or hurting in some way, shape or form and we realize there’s a need to help each other. That to me is the difference and what makes TS so special. I love the fact there’s no judgement. Life finds a way to kick people when they’re down enough. I feel like Robin and the fellow MOD’S do a great job at keeping TS a smoothly run safe space for others where they can come and share their feelings freely. Sober is a wonderful place to be and TS is a great place to celebrate that with other like minded people.


Boy. You know, I never thought about how different this place is from the rest of social media. You’re right! And here i was gonna say people can be dicks @Faugxh. I’m sure your post was fine. I will say that Jez is a rough playground. I’ve rarely posted there. I do know that in the YA writing world, supposedly intelligent readers will pick an injured chicken to death. Not fun. TS is a safe harbor and has helped me tremendously, going all the way back to that one Friday night when @Dazercat prevented me from making a big mistake. Thanks for pointing out the awesomeness here! Your post gave me the warm and fuzzies


Perfectly said :trophy:


When I first started here, I also got on another sober site. I was told on there that I asked too many questions! I also wrote on here afterward. I felt like my ego was bruised but everyone here patted my back and made me feel better! I know how you feel :grin:


You’re a good egg, @Faugxh! Glad you’re here.

Funny, in another life I was a regular on another Gawker site. Never could get past the redesign they did a long while back, not to mention some other… Things.

This place is alright though. :grin:


You get used to it and lose most of your sensitivity. The internet is a mean place. Everyone ridicules everyone. When I went back to Reddit, I couldn’t believe how toxic that place is. I’m my years of addiction I got used to it, bu luckily I was never turned into one of them


I love this community as deeply as you have expressed as well. Finding this app 11 months ago has contributed to a lot of personal growth. In terms of other social media sites, I do not engage(actually deleted them all accept this one and a small IG with 40 people). This community has shown me a lot of what is already obvious about major social media platforms. They suck. The patrons are often egotistical in some way and the content is rarely constructive.

We don’t do that here. We come to rebuild and grow, together.

Peace to you :v:t5:


People are crazy online sometimes. I’ve got the luck being in some FB groups that have 0 tolerance against mean comments and whether everyone tries to lift each other up. But sometimes it slips even there, and I’m staying away from that as much as I can. I’ve got a private Instagram for the same reason. Nothing compares to this place though, people here are totally amazing :heart: