How to stay sober

I keep going back to drink, its going to ruin my relationship and messed io every job I’ve ever had, and I’m likely to get a new job soon, how do I stay of alcohol?

Hello. Being here is a good start. I’ve been posting every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and I’m almost 3 weeks off the sauce. I also got a guided sobriety journal and a sobriety workbook off of amazon. Finding other hobbies, like hiking and going to the gym or riding my bike has helped too. I also started reading some books, sobriety books and fiction books. Telling all my friends and family my intentions has helped keep me accountable. Make a list of pros and cons when you think you want to drink.

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The way that I got sober was through a 12 step program.
Can recommend.


Thanks for replying i appreciate it, right now its one day at a time, I haven’t even being able to reach 2 werks for a long time, I suffrt from depresdion and anxiety and drink to numb the pain but it ultimately makes it worse, I have loads art stuff and like to draw and have lots ideas to write short stories, but lack motivation these days.

I have actually just downloaded a 12 step app

You sound like me. I drank to numb my depression. It made it so much worse, because I woke up feeling shitty physically and mentally instead of just mentally. It also lead to a lot of weight gain and lack of physical activity. Once I finally got that I was doing more harm than good it was easier to say no. I still struggle. I used to stop pretty much every day on my way home to buy vodka. I stopped bribing money to work so I can’t do that anymore. The first few days sucked. I didn’t do much. Recuperated a little, detoxed. I hadn’t made it more than two DAYS in probably 5 months. My motivation is coming back, slowly. What’s some self care you you partake in over the next few days? And you’re welcome- that’s what we’re all here for!!!

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that’s a great start. Find a local meeting and get a sponsor.


Welcome! AA meetings have helped me but others have found different programs that work for them. I’d say try anything at this point, you got nothing to lose. Heres a good thread which you may find helpful. Resources for our recovery