How we were dressed on set

You can laugh because i was laughing at myself lol
My daughter looks adorable tho :grin:


That’s pretty cool what was it for?

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@Oliverjava very uncomfortable…not only where the boots like wearing concrete but the collar tore my neck up something fierce!

@Restlesssoul for Christian bale, rosamund pikes new movie “Hostiles”, they were filming a scene in new mexico at an old train station and we were cast as extras :grinning:

@Matto224 thanks! I am a very proud poppa, she had a blast, sat next to Christian bales daughter on the train scene and even got to talk to her and got a wave hello from Chris bale…she was stoked!!


That’s the coolest thing ever I love Christian Bale u guys look awesome


@ash he looks exactly the same in person…i was a bit intimidated!
But i almost said “i am batman” as he walked by me, just couldn’t muster the courage to do it! :joy:

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Lol!!that would have been funny if you said it.Wow that is so cool!!how fun

You guys look awesome and it sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’m jealous @Rikk :smile:

It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work!
If i ever get the chance to do it again in doing it!