I am new here I have ,60 days clean and am looking for support

Hello everyone. I am new to to the chat room. I have 60 days clean the 8 and have been going at it alone this time due to past hurts from the rooms of aa. I am looking for support and how do you all deal with intense cravings I am having a lot. Thank you


Welcome to the community, Amanda; and congratulations on your 60 days clean!

I went the “alone” route in giving up my addictions (only joining this forum near the tail end), and because of that, I am sure it took a lot longer to achieve my goals than it could have. If I had a different kind of personality, I don’t think I ever would have succeeded. This is not to say you will not, but just my own personal experience on the matter.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had difficulties with AA groups. How many different groups have you tried? If you are not planning on in person meetings, being active in a sobriety group (such as this forum) is something I do think will help you. There are also other forums you can try as well. One way this is helpful when you have intense cravings is that you can focus that energy into consuming the content in the forum, or in actively participating.

It may also be useful for you to write a list of activities you enjoy which capture your attention. Have that available so that when you feel that craving, you already have a list of things you can put that energy into in order to take your mind off of them. Cravings come and go. Find something to do and focus your mind onto until they go.

It can also help to examine what situations, thoughts, and feelings came before your craving. Write them down and read back on these. It should give you insight into what is prompting these cravings on a deeper level. If you notice a pattern in situations and/or people, remove them from your life as much as possible. Your thoughts will give birth to feelings which then promote action. If you can begin to recognize certain thoughts which eventually bring about the chain reaction, that is another place to work on–though this is, admittedly, a long term strategy, and I would recommend a psychiatrist to work with in this area unless you are strongly logical with the ability to be highly objective, even when it comes to yourself.

I hope some of this is useful to you. Take whatever is, and leave the rest behind. Again, welcome, and I hope this forum proves to be a useful tool for building a future of long-term sobriety.

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Welcome Amanda. Glad you are here. There is a lot of support here, many threads, lots of discussion and advice, and no judgement. This place has made it possible for me to finally get a good number of days sober. You can search for particular areas in the search bar. Wishing you well on your journey.


Welcome Amanda! :blush:
Congratulations on on 60 days!
This forum is a great tool for your sobriety toolbox. You mention AA was not a good fit. Have you tried any other programs like Recovery Dharma or Smart recovery?
Here’s a link to a long list of tools to consider. The more we use, the better off we will be in the long run.

Hi :wave: welcome Amanda! This place is my only sober support and I wouldn’t be without it. I come here everyday, sometimes a few times a day. Congratulations on 60 days! Look forward to seeing you around on here :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Congrats on 60 days.

I spent a lot of time thinkin while walkin, light hiking, learning to be honest with myself… Be well on your journey

Glad you’re here and congratulations!

If I understand you correctly, if AA is not the right fit for you, there are several other sobriety resources.

You’re not alone here.

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