I changed my screen name


I did … yep


I like the name change…kinda wish I would have been more creative when I signed up…maybe eventually I will come up with something cool


Nice change @Sober_Ninja. I guess there’s no need to operate with a full real name so I understand your motivation. No problem with that. And please don’t delate the app. We need you on here :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


I know, me too. I was too original, so much for much anonymous…I’m a pretty open book! Lol. I like the name change Ashley!


Don’t go! People changing their name was never the problem! We seriously need more curling iron catching sober ninjas around here…


Can’t wait to see what todays dropsies bring. Temperature dropped 25 degrees over night and I feel like garbage. I am sure the salon will be so much fun today. At least i don’t have a 7 person wedding party to blaze through like yesterday.


I completely understand. I won’t use my name and I’m not comfortable putting my face out there on this app yet (maybe not ever) so for now I’m spiderwoman and Melarrrgh (but just calling me Mel works too lol)


@Sober_Ninja I hope you know I was just joking last night bc we had that whole thread about it the other week. I fully support soberninja.


My bipolar has given me an extremely grumpy week. 🤷 just having trouble peopleing this week.


The vast majority of people suck, so that is understandable


I support this. :+1:


Mine is taking me the other way into mania so I feel ya.


I hear you, I deleted a bunch of stuff awhile back and kept my real name and picture off once the forum started taking off. No crime in that or changing your name. It was the duplicitous folks who had more than one account for nefarious purposes that got folks all riled up…not what you and others have done. I always enjoy your posts.


Why would anyone get mad at a name change? That would be ridiculous imo!


I was like that in the beginning of my journey, took me 2 months before I changed my profile picture to my face, I say do whatever makes you comfortable with sharing on this app and staying sober :slight_smile:


Blech. I’m sure mania is coming. I’m usually more up than not.


I had a couple months where i was off here mostly, so i missed the trolls. 🤷


Btw, guys. Still a ninja. Today was crazy. I mentioned it to the girl who works for me, and she watched me all day and kept cheering when i caught things.


Need to capture on video and share!


Good luck, though. I hate when I’m manic.