I don't need alcohol


Apparently my existance alone is enough to embarrass my kids. If I breathe in public that is just soooooo embarrassing. But they still think I’m good enough to get Starbucks money from.


Whahaha…that’s a funny one…

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I don’t need alcohol to go to a concert and enjoy it very much and dance freely!!


I don’t need alcohol to play games, video, tabletop or card!


I don’t need alcohol to celebrate my wins. In fact, without alcohol I am laser focused, taking control of my actions and influencing my future.


To get carried away by listening good music! I can still sob and get deeply moved hearing and watching this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sp3G50jBRuU

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I don’t need alcohol to go to a party all alone (and not knowing a lot of people), have a great time, dance and have nice converations!! @Geo,I did it! Now I’m proud of myself :dancer::tada::balloon: I’m glad I went…when I’ve stayed at home I would be defeated by alcohol and fear. This was a big step in my recovery. Whoop whoop!


Preach!!! :pray:

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When everything that can go wrong does go wrong and the only left to do is have a good cry, I still don’t need alcohol. A hug? maybe, but not alcohol.


Proud of ya! :grinning:


Thanxxx Geoff!


Did you guys make it there with your luggage Dan?


Not yet… so we landed at Dallas Love Field, then managed to change the car rental pickup to that airport. Got to the rental office, with a line going all the way out into the parking lot, took over an hour to get the car. Drove all the way to DFW airport to find the baggage office closed for the day, they closed 30 minutes before we got there.

So, nothing to do but drive to our hotel in Arlington. We will try again in a couple of hours when they open.

This sucks. Its hot, its humid. We stink, we need showers, we have no clothes.

But you know, one day we will look back on this and laugh and laugh. But that day is probably not today.


Oh Dan! I’ll send happy thoughts for an easier day today! :heart:

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Thinking of you and your family mate. Times like this are sent to try us.
One day it will be a big family joke.
Keep smiling.

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Last Saturday I learned that I don’t need alcohol to have a good time at a wedding and reception.

On a side note, it is sad to see what people prioritize in their lives.

The wedding was dry and when the reception started about half of the atendees immediately left and went to a bar across town. Of the half that stayed, half of them left after dinner. Friends and family left the once in a lifetime celebration of a newly wed couple to go have drinks in some dank bar. Sad.


I so used to be one of those people, so LOVE this sober life!!

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Ditto. The thought of a dry anything didn’t compute. Now I’m think “heck yea! A dry wedding sounds awesome!” Mostly i think about how the last wedding i attended resulted in a broken/sprained ankle that i didn’t seem medical attention for and i was so drunk that i couldn’t walk straight, and knocked over the mother of the bride. I wasn’t even a direct invite, i was a friend’s +1, so was just a random drunk to most people there. So grateful to not be that person anymore.


The previous wedding I went to was a doozy. Sister in law a grinding on me on the dance floor while everyone watched. She apologized the following day and didn’t talk to me for 2 years after. The last thing I remember was making fun of a random guy on the street in downtown Seattle, for wearing a Raiders jersey. Next thing I know I’m waking up in my hotel the next day, sick as a dog. All this in front of my kids. Not sure how I got to the hotel, it was a 2 mile walk across town. Still until this day I’m afraid to ask, because then they’ll know I was blacked out.


I don’t need alcohol to handle stress. I’m stronger than I ever realized, even when it’s hard to deal with the emotions I used to numb. I was creating more stress with the drinking and I feel like I have a better handle on things (and man, do I have a full plate right now). 25 days sober!