I don't need alcohol

Oh wow, that is incredibly sad… And I’m sure I’d be one of those attendees heading to the bar *in the past. Ugh so sad to hear this.

And that previous wedding you went to, isn’t it terrible how often we did exactly THAT to ourselves (and made others stand by and watch)… Drunk out of our minds, can’t remember wtf happened or how you made it through the night. And then not wanting to ask anyone about it because then they’ll know how messed up you really were (even though they probably already knew).

Couldn’t agree more @MandiH :heart:


Agree, drinking like that really is sad and tragic. So many morning afters trying to piece together the prior night. Sometimes you can’t remember much, and just hope for the best. Other times you get to that “ohhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh no no no did I really do that?” moment. Sad to think about. But better days ahead for all of us!


That is sad indeed :frowning:

I am very frustrated right now. Yesterday I started replacing the brakes on my wife’s car, should be a 3 hour job, tops. It’s now been 2 full days, countless trips to the parts store, and it’s still not done. The parts they are selling me either don’t fit or are defective. It is so frustrating, I just want it to work like it’s supposed to. As of now, I have to wait until new parts are delivered, hopefully this third part will be the one that works.

Anyway, I don’t need alcohol to work on my car, even though it has taken way too long as it is, alcohol in the mix would make it 100 times worse.

And while I did seriously contemplate picking up a six pack on my way home from the autopart store, I didn’t, because I don’t need alcohol to calm down when I am frustrated, what I needed was to to breathe deep, close my eyes and focus on being calm.


Nice one Dan. I know exactly what it’s like to be frustrated with working on cars.
Back last summer I wanted to change some wheel s over. Couldn’t get a hub nut off. It was well tight.
Ended up taking it to the shop and they had to cut it out!
Needless to say once I had exhausted my efforts I was straight to the store and bought some drinks.
Well done mate.

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And it was reinforced last night with a conversation with my inebriated brother…

I don’t know what it is about auto mechanicing, but even the simple jobs go wrong, every time! I’d be interested in hearing any auto mechanics here on how often jobs go sideways… is it just me?

I’ve had that many over the years mate. Used to do all my own. It’s funny looking back. Usually down to me not thinking.
One that comes to mind.
We had an Astra. A small hatch. We also had the Belmont which was exactly the same but a saloon. A rear door needed changing on the Belmont so as the hatch was to be scrapped, I thought ha! I just swap them over. So spent a couple of hours worked it out, got them off, fitted the new one. Only problem with this is the back end had a different shape. So door was a different shape… All the geese on the farm ran away the air was that blue. took me ages to live that down. I can tell you :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t need alcohol to unwind after work, a nice selzter cranberry does just fine. :wink:


I don’t need alcohol to get started on things like contacting my University. Before I’d get too stressed out and I’d turn to drink. Now it’s difficult but I can manage without alcohol


Today I learned that I don’t need alcohol to have THE. BEST. DAY. EVER!


So happy your having a great day. And being soba ! Its such a precious gift x

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Today I learnt that I don’t have to buy @Dasindog alcohol for him to have a great day!!
Cheers Dan! :grinning::rofl::rofl:


This is so motivating right now

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Honestly can’t think of anything I need alcohol for, other than disinfecting a cut :laughing:

I used to need alcohol to instantly pass out, but then when my BAC would drop, I’d awaken at 2 or 3 AM with the terrors upon me.

I developed a phobia about insomnia. And I did have trouble getting to sleep without drinking. For like 4 nights, and I slept anyway. So yeah, I didn’t need alcohol to sleep, as it turns out!


Hey there, I’m 12 days sober. I was SUPER emotional the first like 5 days. My mind was literally all over the place. I’d say what you’re going through is normal and should subside in time. It is gone for me now, hopefully yours settles soon as well. Congrats on getting sober!!

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Exactly. Well said.

I don’t need alcohol, just.


haha my mother always has 1 oke mabe 2 and she is always complaining if i don’t drink.
but i never enjoy drinking with the 1 or max 2 crowd.
im more like: lets start with a cava or sparkling wine, then share a bottle of white and then a few glasses of red each.
( and then crave sweets and chocolate as i usually don’t eat those things and have a terrible night of sleep) cancelling my gym in the morning and feeling like S**T