I hate my damn job


I am so tired of my job. I hate whiny ass tenants that can’t do shit for themselves and I hate owners who own rental properties and can’t really afford it. I’m tired of being yells at for other people’s problems. Millennials won’t change a light bulb. It isn’t my fault you didn’t put any money down on your house and your rent is Barry covering your mortgage.

I’m just tired of the attitude of humans period. Everyone is ungrateful and thinks the world owes you shit.



Wait, did my wife write this post?? Hehe. She manages HOAs and is a property manager. So I hear ya pal:)


I could go on for days about the number of resentments that I have about my job. Haha.


I’m not in the housing business but I do run a diner, so I get all the ways people suck! We are locally famous and so many customers think that means we are a five star, posh, high end restaurant. We are a fxking diner! And we are a really good one! Take your stupid ass to a $30 a plate place if you really think you should be treated like royalty! Not even the celebrities and pro athletes expect what so many of these people do.

Sorry, sometimes I just need to get that out. I am really thankful for all the wonderful customers who love us and keep our spirits high.


I really miss this diner where I used to live. Great food, realistic prices, good service. sigh I miss you, Elmo’s Diner of Durham, NC…


I think it’s called “work” for a reason. I hear you. I work in corporate sales. I have some wonderful customers, but they are in the minority. The rest want to nickle and dime you to death, and it never fails. Friday at 4pm (our cutoff for next-business day) I get a call…"Um…I know we’ve been talking about this for weeks. I just realized it’s Friday and we need this stuff by Monday. Any way you can get this to us by then? No? But you don’t understand…I NEED this to be here by Monday!

Failure to plan on their part, is now supposed to become an emergency on mine.

Then there’s my ministry. I teach financial stewardship classes to members of my church, pre-marrieds, teens, marrieds, single adults. I also do individual budget coaching. “Weren’t you in one of my classes?” “Yeah, but I only wen’t to a couple of sessions. 6 classes was a major commitment, and I am so busy. Johnny has basketball practice and Suzy has dance lessons.” “So what can I help you with?” “Um, I’m behind on on my bills, my credit cards are maxed, and I can’t figure out how I’m going to make my rent and car payments?” “Oh, I see…Let’s pray” “Ok”. “Father in heaven, I pray that Johnny gets picked up for an NBA contract, and Suzy is a smash on Broadway. I pray this because it’s the only way, short of a miracle, that I’m going to be able to help this family right their financial ship. It has struck an iceberg, and it’s sinking. So I pray, Lord, that you make Johnny grow to 6’ 8” and give him a phenomenal shot from three-point land. Make him a beast in the paint. I pray that Suzy is as lithe as a doe, and dances like Herrod’s Step-daughter. And I pray that these parents begin to act like responsible adults. Amen"

“Ok, Let’s see them bills.”


Omg, I’m dying… rotflmfao


Oh man, that prayer has me laughing hard enough to almost cry! I think we all know those types of people and I’m sure we all want to rip our hair out and shove it down their throat until they choke! Good thing we are sober, otherwise we probably would.


Tell me you really say this stuff to them.


Yes, I have actually prayed like this, but only with the ones who started my classes and quit, and those who say, “Yeah, I know you offer them 3 times a year, and I know I could have asked for coaching before it was an emergency, but I am sooo busy.” You reap what you sow. Give attitude, get attitude.

One thing the Lord doesn’t ask of me, and that is to suffer fools gladly. Speak the truth, in Love.

I also get those where one spouse attended my classes, but the other was too busy. Not a problem, until I see them together, and the non-committed spouse wants to denigrate the efforts of the one who did attend. The Lord grants me a bit of guilty pleasure in setting that half of the couple straight. Sarcasm is a powerful tool. Even Jesus used it…

But there is the other side. Some get blindsided by life, are new to the church, etc. I’ve had moms whose husbands have walked out on them, and they literally hadn’t had a clue what the financial situation is. I’ve had those who’ve lost a spouse. I even had cases where a parent had run up a bunch of bad credit using their identity, when they were minors. And of course, there are those who have taken the classes, and just need some on-going accountability. Got nothing but compassion and love for these folks, and I will do whatever I can to help them.


That is so awesome. I wish my church did something like this. Maybe when I have experiences that make me worth listening to I will discuss it with my pastor. They would probably do it if they had someone to teach it.


That would be awesome! Personal testimony is so powerful. I use it in all of my classes.


:joy::rofl::joy: My English isn’t the best, but this even I understand! Great humor!


It’s too short to eat mushy frenchfries too. Get an airfryer!


I once spent all night calling emergency matenance because I didn’t know changing the battery in the smoke alarm was something I could do myself. I tried to get the cover off the ceiling but it was cemented on with paint and I was afraid of breaking it. I am highly irritated by sounds and the cheep felt like a reoccurring stab wound in my skull. You should have seen the maintenance man’s face when he came in the morning and I was crying with my screaming cranky baby. It was so pathetic. I was a 30 year old mother who didn’t know she could change the smoke alarm battery because my ex used to do that stuff and it was my first time living alone. You never know. These kids may really not know they can change the bulb…


They could youtube it. I thought Youtube was the answer for everything.


I really do absolutely love my job. I feel so blessed and fortunate that I have it. My employees are amazing, employers really care and love us, and 95% of my customers are beyond wonderful. Haha, sometimes just have to get the negative crap out of the way. I totally agree that if you can find a job you like, do it! It makes the other parts of your life so much better!


This was in 2010, before it was normal to have smart phones and I had no internet. Life has changed a lot in these 8 years, as well as me growing a lot as a person. I can fix all sorts of things myself now. I was just explaining to @Doglover757 the other day the joys of my hand saw. I have a modest collection of hand tools and drills and saws… Empowerment is awesome but some of us were still in the prealgerbra version of life as we started being single in our 30’s.


I am jealous AF.


I was being facetious. I used to say, “If you can read, you can do”. I did a complete rebuild of a 1977 Datsun pickup with nothing but a book to guide me. Now everything is on youtube. No need to learn a skill. It’ll be there for the watching when you need it.