I just wanna talk to someone

This is my 3rd time trying to message on here.

I’m an alcoholic. I have 2 kids. I drink every night. I just want to fucking talk to someone.

Tonight is awful. I wanna quit. I so desperately wanna quit but all the AA meetings are online and I have a shit computer.

Please somebody talk to me. I’ll be on tomorrow night.


You’re getting replies to your posts:

Are you not seeing them?

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Anyway, I hope you come back when you’re sober to participate on the forum. If you come back tomorrow night and have been drinking you need to post in the “Seeking Help” category. But I hope you will have chosen to stay sober.


Seeking Help, where your posts have been moved, is an opt-in category so if you can’t see it then follow the details below.

Seeking help is a category that is invisible and won’t appear on the home page unless you opt into the group. I’ve added a section to the forum rules and guidelines Forum Rules and Guidelines that reference this. The forum rules and guidelines appear as a banner to every new user until they dismiss it, so they should see it here.

For those who wan’t to check the group out and opt in, here’s the link:


Hey @Stupidrummer as mentioned above your posts have been moved to the Seeking Help category. As per the rules of the forum:

I sent a private message with details and @AyBee has also posted the info here for you too.

Hope to see you sober and posting on the main forum sooner rather than later! In the meantime you may find it useful to read around some, this is a good place to start >> Welcome to the forum! 2021 edition :)


This group has helped me tremendously. It’s the first time ive made a proper attempt to sort my life out. Normally i just use ‘willpower’ which im starting to believe is a myth in my mind. People respond and encourage you on here. It’s worth staying


Hi all, thanks for the replies. I’m sorry for posting to the wrong place. I was kind of a mess last night and couldn’t figure anything out. I don’t even really remember posting at all lol. I hope I didn’t upset anyone.

I’ll be posting on the main forum this evening.
I really wanna get sober and be done with this and I remember this community helped me go a while last year without drinking.

Thanks again.


I see you’re into horror movies, me too!!! I’m bored out of my mind during this pandemic, and need some suggestions for movies to watch. If you just want to mindlessly chat to distract yourself, reach out :slight_smile:

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Glad you came back today! Looking forward to seeing you around and engaged in your sobriety journey.

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