I’m so desperate to get more than 3 days , I’m an absolute failure 🥹

Hang in there, take a moment for the dust to settle.

Most importantly, relax and be calm. You don’t have to do anything right now except not drink. It’s hard, especially right now, but we’ve all been there and there are a lot of good people on here that know the way out of this.

Things always feel hopeless after a heavy drink or an alcohol related crisis but all is not lost, far from it in fact - I know you’re not an absolute failure because you’re here asking for help.

Take it one day at a time, even hour by hour if it helps.
Without alcohol it will get better, I promise.


Aw thank you :heart:


Hi Mandy!
I want to say… welcome to TS :two_hearts:
You’ve been through hard things!
It’s great that you want to quit.
And you took the step to write here!
That’s great.

Maybe the daily checkin thread is something for you? Just look around… And the best thing, here is always someone listening! And sharing helps!

Much love Mandy!


Thank you , I hope your evening is going well :heart:

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Thank you♥️

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Welcome back Mandy!! I hope you know that for some of us who have more time, we also spent years trying to get 24 or 48 hours as well. I know I did. I didn’t find the forum til I had spent a solid 5 years in a quit and relapse cycle.

There are also so many people on here that relapsed over and over…while on the forum and they kept trying too. So you definitely are not alone in your struggle.

All we can do, any of us, is get thru today sober. And I know I always felt at my lowest after letting myself down again. It zaps our spirit, doesn’t it, all these times of letting ourselves and others down.

I hope you stick around and come here when you want a drink and reach out. The kind people here can help support you when you reach out. :people_hugging:


What are you willing to do to be successful in your sobriety?

I suppose I would say ‘anything’ but I wouldn’t do ridiculous or bad things, I would do my best and I am doing the best I can at this point in time, but sometimes your best isn’t good enough and at the moment it’s all I have :face_holding_back_tears:

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Whem they say “keep coming back”, that may sound like a cliché, but what this does mean is that no matter how many times you fall, stand up and keep trying. I know you will win this! :green_heart::muscle:t3:


You aren’t a failure you just haven’t figured out how to succeed yet. The next time you decide to drink, take a moment to recognize the need and then spend the night on here with us instead. Look at pictures of people’s pets, look at memes, look at food pics. Just poke around. It might feel like you wasted a night but in actuality you will have just done the thing you thought was impossible.
I have read every single meme on here that has ever been posted. Was it productive? Absolutely! I no longer drink. Find your thing and get to quitting.


Hi Mandy, im new on hereand i came across your post. It really resonated with me and just wanted to share a few tips that have helped me.

First of all, recovery isnt linear. As long as your aim is sobriety, then having relapses is expected for most people - it certainly does not make you a failire. Just keep getting back on the saddle.

Telling yourself you wont drink today is good, but sometimes even a day can be too daunting. When the cravings are hitting really badly and your climbing the walls, tell yourself you wont drink for the next hour. And try to fill that hour with something to keep you busy.

Ive realised too that im far less likely to drink if im full, so i make big huge dinners and also get my pyjamas on so im less likely to want to leave the house to buy alcohol.

Your relapses do not make you who you are. Keep putting one foot infront of the other and keep coming here for support :heart:


Thank you , I will take your tips on board and try to navigate this thing called sobriety, but instead of saying “I will stay sober “ or “I won’t drink “ which feels like a negative thing and it makes me feel down in just saying it, I’m going to say “free” I will be free this next hour or this whole day, free to do what ever else I can beside use the thing that keeps me chained :sunflower::pray:t2:


I hate to sound cliche but have you been asking, and continue to ask throughout the day, for your higher power to help you through it? This might come as a conversation with your sponsor, a task you’ve forgotten that comes to mind to distract, or spending time with someone supportive. If you don’t have a sponsor, do your best to collect phone numbers from others in the program so you can call them when it becomes problematic. I can also say this about myself, I currently don’t have a sponsor but have managed to put almost a month together myself; not the first time in the program either. Happy to see you reaching out, but make sure you reach out and call someone tomorrow or the next day when you are struggling again, and also still pray.


There is something wonderful that happens in your brain when you switch from the “I can’t drink” thoughts to the “I never have to drink again” thoughts. :mending_heart: