I’m so dumb

Yesterday made it 7 days and then I drank and of course I drank 3 in the open and then drank 2 more in secret. I don’t know how many times I have to do this before I grow the fuck up and get past this. I think I’m soo smart but I really am soo stupid


Hey Konrad, 7 days is a big deal! Amazing work. You’re still here and it’s good to see you.


All you can do is get back to it and recommit. Learn from this experience. Remember it’s a journey, not a race! If it’s any consolation, I was at a point before I found TS where was starting over every other day. After I joined TS I relapsed after a week. But I learned what I needed to do. Now I think I’m on my way, but cautiously optimistic. You are learning too. Strength and love to you!


You aren’t stupid, you are stuck in a cycle. Learn from the experience and remember it. Today is a new day.


Maybe try ameeting might help with growing up wish you well


Sometimes quitting is like knocking over a soda machine. You have to get it rocking a few times before it goes all the way over. Turn a negative negative into a positive, remember this and use it to start a new beginning.


What will you do differently when you are confronted with a craving or tempting situation?? You can make the choice - it’s your call!!

You learn more from mistakes, so make sure you learn from this one - then you will continue to move forward!!


Get back on it, do anything you can to make it happen. Like @Ray_M_C_Laren says, try a meeting, lots of folks that understand.


Some things you can control and some you cant…get it into your head and fully accept that you cannot control your drinking and never will be able to…then give yourself a break…this is not dumbness this is addiction…to break the cycle you need to give yourself a bit of kindness and compassion not berate yourself…dont take something already really difficult and make it harder for yourself…back on the horse, dust yourself off and be kind to yourself…eat, hydrate, talk on here BEFORE youd pick up if you struggle and we will support you


Hi mate not stupid as you realised what u did just learn from it and come back swinging getting to 7 days is good but why did you feel u could drink then ? So next time u can cope and get past it :muscle:ADAAT


You came here to say that at loud… So, you are very brave!
Start counting again and when you think that you are in trouble with your mind, ask for help in counting…


Getting sober has nothing to do with intelligence and logic. Getting sober is an emotional and spiritual undertaking.

I had to surrender to the idea of being sober. Once I accepted that I had to stay sober each day, the things I had to do to achieve that were not impossible or even difficult to do. I had to have hope and I had to trust that everything is gonna be alright.


Today is a good day to start again, don’t let it take another day from you.

You can get through this and pick yourself up, we are all proof of that.

Getting to 7 days was brilliant,l and you can do it again and each day after, maybe meetings or doing something else you feel is right for you to help you when times get rough again ( perhaps the 7 day mark have some healthy positive plans)
We all have our rough days and yes they are shite! Alot of us come here and reach out so please do that and don’t suffer in silence :sunflower:


After I relapsed twice I realized when I felt gulty it only made it worse…I had to take responsibility for my relapse without beating myself up and tell myself that I am an alcoholic because I simply cannot have just one and be done. If I drink I spiral out of control and relapse worse than the time before and its not worth the shitty detoxing again. I accept the fact that I can no longer drink. Stop beating yourself up and if you really want this to work put the energy and time you spend on drinking into a new healthy habit. One day at a time! Your prior efforts are not for nothing…they are atepping stones to get you to where you want to go, now go be awesome again :wink: you got this and were all rooting for you and on this journey with you!


Ah the sneaky extras… I know that tactic all too well. Take it on the chin and recover from this one. Set out some boundaries and high level promises to yourself today. Make a note of them in you phone, read and add to them daily. I have a list as long as my arm. I call some of those promises I made to myself a “pact” that I must never break. Try it.

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Hey everyone. I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful things you all said. You have no idea how good it felt to see all the love and support. I know I’m not dumb I was just angry at myself. I always convince myself that the next time I will only have one and it never works out :joy:


There it is, right there! Maybe write this on a card and keep it handy to look at every time you’re tempted :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or come to TS, we have each other’s backs! :heart::pray:


What are you going to do different this time? For me going to therapy and discussing why I drank was the thing that got me to stay sober but that’s not necessarily going to be what works for everyone.

One thing I do know however, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane. So change something–you got this.


Sometimes I think we fantasize of going to the beginning before it spiraled out of control. Think of it like a horror movie. In the beginning, everyone is having fun at the cabin and swimming at the beach. We think that after quitting a while we can go back to those times in the movie. But an actuality, as soon as we take a sip, we are right back in the part with the chainsaw and everyone being killed……


No you aren’t…like the rest of us here…you have a problem.

Besides, just not drinking…what are you doing to stay sober?