I need a virtual women’s meeting!

My name is ivy and I’m an alcoholic. I haven’t been to a meeting in a couple weeks so I wanted to create an online women’s meeting thread where we can pick a topic and take turns sharing our experience strength and hope.

And the topic is pick today is - “Step Three; We made a decision to turn our will and our lives of God as we understood him.”

For me being Buddhist, turning my will over means taking refuge in the Buddha. It means I am committing to following a path where ultimately after many rebirths I can reach enlightenment and become one with the universe again. Taking refuge is a decision to look at meditation training and practice as our “shelter from the rain of problems and pain in life.” The practice of taking refuge has been an ongoing, straightforward practice in the Buddhist tradition for over 2,500 years. We decide to depend on it for the solace we once sought through drugs and alcohol, to let it be the safe harbor we seek in strife or storm. We commit wholeheartedly, realizing “half measures availed us nothing.” Like Step Three in Alcoholics Anonymous, taking refuge is active. We let go of our delusions of control, and instead turn toward three specific spiritual practices, called the “Three Treasures” in Buddhist literature:

Taking refuge in awakening (“Buddha”): Taking refuge in Buddha is a decision to wake up to our true self. Gautama Buddha, the individual on whose teachings Buddhism is based, called this essence our “Buddha nature.” He taught that our inner nature can be awakened, leading us to see the path of light and beauty in the world. Taking refuge in the path of mindfulness, understanding, and love (“dharma”): We take refuge in the dharma when we abandon of addicted ways of “self-will run riot,” and instead decide to study the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous and other spiritual teachings.

Taking refuge in community (“sangha”): The third treasure is our relationship with others: our family, friends, and the fellowship of the Twelve Step community. We decide to trust in people again, because we need their help to fully recover from our addictions and codependency. I’ve lost touch with my spirituality lately and have been distancing myself from people places and things. It’s been a couple weeks now and my birthday is in 10 days. I’m sweating it. I’m having mental and emotional breakdowns because I hate my life right now and nothing is fair and I’m so lonely and I never get what I want and ALL OF THIS contradicts what I believe when it comes to the teachings of Buddha. I’m a mess right now. I need texting buddies who are women in sobriety. So if you’re up for an accountability partner please let me know. I need to fill this empty void. I also have a two year old who I adore. So any other mamas on here?

It would be a super plus if I could find another Buddhist in recovery. Ok so now you tell me what step three means to you? And if you have any advice for me because in this meeting cross talk is allowed.


Hey lady!

Here is a link to some online meeting resources that I have started to compile. Online meeting resources

We also have an women’s AA private message group where we have been talking through the steps individually, I can add you to that.

I also sit with my local sangha in the Plum Village tradition.



She Recovers also does virtual meetings thru intherooms. They are not AA based if that matters to you.


Hi Ivy,
Thanks for sharing. I am just about finished a book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama actually, and a lot of what I read just last night, resonates with what you’ve mentioned here. I am not a Buddhist per se, however I feel it’s principles are of such good nature, that I love learning more about it and applying it where I can in my own life. I think it’s a kind-hearted way to go about our lives, keeping the 2 principles in the forefront of our thoughts and actions; especially that of the interdependent nature of reality and the principle of non-violence. HHDL says " we should do our best to help others, and if this is not possible, we should at the very least refrain from hurting them". I think this applies to ourselves as well. When we take refuge in the 3 jewels, we can generate ‘Bodhichitta’, which is compassion, altruism and our good heart :blush::heart_decoration:

In regards to the third step, I definitely chose now to turn my will and life over to the power of God, as He knows and loes more than I, His love reminds me that I am worthy and that I am here because I matter and that, if I follow His guidance and love, then I will be OKAY :pray: I’ve tried it my way time and again, and I feel hurt and alone, so know I trust in God, he has my back. And he has yours, too! :heartpulse: I am so grateful for the many blessings that make up my life; I am especially thankful and grateful for my sobriety. For sober life = my best life!
I loved where you talked about trust above. Thank you. For this was a real light bulb moment for me. I realise I don’t trust ppl. And it’s time I do. I am going to start giving ppl the benefit of the doubt, start believing in their good nature and kind hearts. And, know, that I have loving ppl in my life. Because you’re right, I need people’s support and help and love to get through my addictions.

Please don’t hate you’re life. Try and see it for the beauty it beholds. What are some things (no matter how small) that you LOVE about your life? Where and what are your blessings? I’d love to hear :hugs:


Hi Ariel! @aircircle I would also love to join this woman’s AA private message group, if that is okay? :smiley:

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In the Room site has video meeting for women only. Woman Warriors, She Recovers and Soul Sister. All very good


Thanks for this!!! Took me a bit to locate your post!!