I need help but embarrassed to admit it

I have a drinking problem…i can admit it to myself but no one else …i want to get better on my own… but everyday I stop. And get 4-5 single Green Apple smirnoff shots n take them to the head before I get home…then I feel guilty :disappointed:

I’ve had a.fair share of bad experiences involving alcohol…i don’t want it anymore

Hence why I’m here…Day 1



I think you just did admit it to someone else. Congrats. To stop drinking is relatively simple. Just don’t take the first drink. Usually though, we have a lot of work on our mental and emotional state that needs to be addressed. For those issues I work the 12 step program that AA has. Nothing is more beneficial to us than talking about our lives to other people who have already gone through what we’re trying to get through at the moment.
Well done on getting here.


Welcome here E! This is great place for support, for gaining knowledge, for realizing you are NOT alone and to beat these problems we have with addiction we need help. Took me some years to realize that. We can’t do it alone. It’s too much to deal with ourselves. Together it is doable. Peer support helps. Welcome again and success on your journey!


Welcome ELO. I am proud that you’ve decided to get help. Very good of you to admit it. It is hard, but you shouldn’t be ashamed anymore, because you decided to do something about your problem.
Like @Rain666 said, addiction is strengthened by mental issues. For me it was mostly an abusive dad, bullying and selfhate. I’ve learned to accept my past making sobriety a lot easier. I too recommend following the 12 step program, but I also recommend looking on this app daily to maintain focus. There are a lot of people on here, almost all willing to help, so if you ever have a question, just ask around on this app :smiley:

Once again, I am proud of you :slight_smile:
Good luck on your journey :smiley:


Thank you for even acknowledging my post, I came here with no expectations but hope… so thank you! I’m going to take it one day at a time…first goal tomorrow is to NOT buy anything to drink after work and hiding it from my kids and my boyfriend ( where all the guilt comes from)


Wow …the fact that i am almost in tears knowing I’m getting responses…THANK YOU …


i have tried…i know i cant do it alone … im excited to be here …i will definitely consider AA. THANK YOU


Guilt, shame, fear, anger, desperation, disappointment, anxiety, feeling of not belonging, feeling of not being accepted, feeling of not being good enough…etc. All those will be dealt with if you work on your sobriety. This is a journey into you, that’ll take you the rest of your life. Enjoy and remember the beginning, for you will need this moments memory later on when you run into doubts. :slight_smile:


Welcome @ELO. You’ve taken the first step and that takes courage to face that discomfort. We’re all here to help when the going gets tough. Looking forward to seeing more of you!

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here. Keep coming back! Happy day 1!!!

Congrats on day 1, hey when I first started never thought i would make it far but I did, will power and determination to change did it for me, welcome to the forum and you can change I know you can, a’lot of people have it in them they just don’t know they do

Would like you to know if AA doesn’t feel like home NA can be your place of recovery too.

Welcome on this forum!

It helped me loads when i got in early recovery…

Ask anything don’t do it alone anymore… We just don’t have to.

Please watch the “roadmap to recovery” for me thats addict 101 it gives you an insight in your illness and what lays ahead of you.

Great job admitting it to someone. I too was embarrassed to admit I had a drinking problem, only because I didn’t think it was a problem. I go to AA/NA meetings and without those I dont think I’d be where I am today! I suggest downloading a daily reading on your phone to read every morning. They can give some great motivation

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Thank you! Any suggestions??

Here are the daily books I read out of
“The eye opener”
“One foot in front of the other”
And “in gods care”
They are just good motivational readings to start your day off on the right path

Welcome @ELO it took so much courage to open up here & I’m happy to meet a courageous soul like you. As someone said to me in my sobriety journey: it’s a mission, a quest, and you are the hero. Is it intimidating? Hell yes! But can you do it with persistence? Also hell yes!

You sound like you want a change in your life. If you keep reaching out & connecting, you will achieve it. Addiction is a disease of escaping and avoiding life. Connection & engaging with life, and persisting with that, one day at a time, is the cure. You can do it.

Check out some of the resources and meetings here. Many have online options. You can just listen in if you want (and as some posters above have noted, take a look around, there are many different approaches to choose from!):
Resources for our recovery

A warm warm welcome to you E. It’s lovely to meet you :innocent:

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ELO Welcome to Talking Sober!!!
This is a fantastic forum of people like you trying to find a better life.

You are a badass woman by taking the first step to sobriety. It is a long journey to get to self awareness, self care, and sobriety. Others have posted meeting resources … there are AA, NA, SMART (what I attend), etc. Meetings help you have a support network on this journey.

Otherwise spend time looking at what people are posting and read. You will get the hang of it.

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Hello ELO, welcome to the group. Admitting you have a problem means you really want.to change your life. I agree with the AA advice. Please read the AA Big Book. That is the one thing that made sense out of why I drank like I did. You can read it for free on AA.org.
I too had tried to stop drinking many time but I was miserable! After reading the Big Book and working the 12 steps I found myself to be sober and happy. That seems to be the key to all of this. Once I was happy in my sobriety I was able to look at the other issues in my life.
It takes work but it is so worth it. Just being sober won’t work, believe me, I tried over and over. You have to be sober and happy with you!

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welcome to your future, wish you well on your journey and remember if you want to drink pick up your phone first not a bottle. Together is how we all do this. :grin:

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I read the Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober and then This Naked Mind. I think you can also listen to them on audible. Fantastic books! I feel free from alcohol. I was a heavy drinker, almost full bottle of vodka a day. 48 days today AF and I’m so happy to be sober!