I need help today

I thought I had everything going in my life as of 2I months ago … I’m no where near where i was at 3 years ago(crack free) But yet I had a drink. And that drink lead to me losing my conscious AGAIN…I thought crack was my issue( my biggest embarrassment),( that shit had me running in circles all through the valley) literally!!! I realize alcohol is a hell of a poison too…

I think i lost my job this morning( no call no show) I didn’t wake up to go work… was past out drunk…

my personal life is down the drain… my professional life is garbage…

I know I’m a good person… I try to help as much as I can…

I accepted my past mistakes and want to move forward…

What do I do???

I need help…


Decide to be better, and then be better. Let this be your bottom. You beat crack. You can beat this. But you need to be willing to do anything, try anything, to keep from drinking or using. It shouldn’t matter if it makes you “uncomfortable”. Get comfortable, being uncomfortable. All growth happens outside of your comfort zone.

Work a program. Go to meetings. Go to church. Go to the gym. Whatever it takes, you need to do it.

So get up, and get after it! Get better at getting better, each and every day.


A couple things.
I fired a guy because of his no call, no show tendencies. It took me a while to do so because he was good help when he wasn’t all zoned out on Xanax. I knew he had a problem and I gave him several chances. The only thing I asked of him was to call me if he wasn’t going to be in, even during the middle of the day. He couldn’t manage that, so he was gone. I guess what I’m saying is, you may not have lost your job if you can swallow the shame that’s holding you back from making that call. Not to give excuses. But maybe to make things right.
Two, you beat crack. You have the tools to beat this. Commit.
I wish you the best.


Hey Jonathan!
I wanted to chime in because yours and my own drugs of choice are identical. So to sounds the work related incident(s). Similar time frames as well…not having messed with the crack cocaine for a few years now myself…“Thank God”! However, I am just one month sober for alcohol. That is one wicked drug (crack). But so too is alcohol. Hell, Alcohol may be the most cunning and deadliest of them all!

I say, rearranging priorities can be helpful for you at this time. Focusing in on your own health and well-being overall right now. Sobriety—Recovery first. With out our health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)…we really have nothing…and can offer little to nothing anyways despite if holding down a job makes us feel we are still “in control” you know?!

Everytime I ruined a great relationship, new job, future job opportunity from my drinking…I thought to myself “Wow, I sure f*** it up this time!” …and maybe so but. When I got my priorities straighten again and chose sobriety and recovery (Health) first…things began to fall into place for me once again. I am always AMAZED howw this seems to happen. As some doors closes…others began to open…open to sometimes even greater opportunities than I originally had before all went to hell. That’s just my experience man…I hope this can help you.


Time to help yourself. If you want to quick and stay sober make a plan and stick to it. Nobody can make you drink but you.

You got this!

first of all you have already started a resolution and overcoming this by coming on here and posting this. Secondly i am going to share some advice that was given to me, go online and look up the nearest na/aa meeting in your area and go. Call your boss and see what the result of the no call no show is, in my time of management ppl have lives with hiccups and sometimes they cant show up. with that being said , you boss may be more understanding than you think.

you are gunna make it through this, think back to when u were sobering from crack and how maybe you had thought it was impossible but you killed it and made it possible, do that with this.
if you need to chat or are feeling like having a drink…come on here and do what you just did.

this site is a big support in my recovery and i have made it part of my tools