I quit without AA, 56 days :)


Last time I was on this site was months ago. I had quit for 18 days then started drinking again. Just another try out of many. I’m happy to say I’m 56 days sober now. I did this with no AA or medication (not saying that those aren’t good options for people but wanted to let others know some people can recover without those options). Some may wonder if I was really truly an “alcoholic” since I was able to accomplish this without help and with just determination and practiced self-control. Believe me I was. 8+ drinks a night more on weekends, waking up some nights at 1:00 2:00 or 3:00 am not being able to sleep, stumbling to the refrigerator to drink 1 or 2 beers, sometimes whisky,so I could go back to sleep. I’m happy to say in 56 days I have lost 20 pounds without trying. I feel amazing! I’m working on staying humble now though out of fear of relapse. There are still times when I think of drinking but the pros I’m feeling quickly help me remember life is better without alcohol. I guess I just wanted to let others know if they are struggling to quit not to give up. It’s taken me 15 years and it’s never to late😀


Congrats on your 56 days! I am on day 5, which is no big thing bc I have never been a daily drinker, but I did manage a weekend without anything to drink, so I guess that’s a sort of accomplishment! I haven’t been to AA, but would like to go whenever I am able. It’s great that your will-power is so strong! That’s absolutely amazing! Again congrats, bring on day 57!!


Ah thank you. This was just the kind of post I needed to find. Especially reading that your sobriety was achieved without AA.
AA feels too forceful and rigid for my liking.


Congratulations!! I am at day 205 no AA or medication. Whatever works for YOU we are all individuals with different issues and needs in addition to our alcohol problem.

Keep at it!!


Im 31 years WITH AA but im open minded if it works for you well done


Day 19, no AA, it’s just not for me. All my motivation comes from a post I wrote to “my future self”. [feel free to look it up]

Was a 35-40 unit a day person drinking since 1990 - that’s a lot of red wine!

Everyone has different methods that work for them, the important thing is stay strong and look forward not back.

Good luck!


Great success you are having. Hoping for you to have much more. Fantastic,!


Three years, 9 months and 1 day without a program, but I knew a bit about the program and took some things from it. That said, programmor not, the key is the people w whom you surround yourself.


Excellent job so far! But yeah be careful, I’m on 71 days without a program and this weekend could have been a reset had I chose to do so. I was extremely depressed and while out for a bike ride I had thoughts of screw this, just get thoroughly hammered tonight, none of this matters anyways. But one thing I’ve learned to do is to stop and really analyze my decisions, and be truly aware of the choices and the outcomes. I knew that Sunday I would feel the same emotionally, and physically even worse. And that drinking would have absolutely no benefit. I then went to a friend’s house that evening and watched college football where them and even my wife drank, but I had no temptation at that point. Moments of weakness can appear out of no where, but if you just stop and truly think about it, it’s extremely easy to say no.


56 days for me today too. i’d quit about 2 years ago and then talked myself into thinking i could do it moderately. Then in September an old friend died who had struggled with alcohol all her life. I had a dark night of the soul, drank just so i could cope with her death. Next day i decided i needed to try to stop again, dumped all the booze down the drain. One day at a time, and knowing the alcoholic I am is always waiting to come back if I allow it, is so far working. I pray it continues.


I wonder how @TheRealLife is doing these days.


I was wondering the same thing. Hope all is well with him/her.


That is so awesome!! I made it a little over 4 months by myself with no AA, meetings, or anything. I’m doing AA this time around but it’s not the only method I’m using. I do find the sober community of AA helpful and I’m 1 month and almost 4 days. I’m so happy for you, 56 days is great! Keep going!


Congatulation on 56 days sober. Everyday sober is something to celebrate. However, don’t get too confident in your ability to stay sober without help. It has been my experience that the time between 90 days and six months is the most difficult for most recoverying alcoholics. So don’t be afraid to seek help from a program. A few to chose from. Find one that fits. You may be able to do this alone but it is a whole lot easy with program support.


6 months without AA. However I bought The Big Book to read every now and then. There’s days where I want to go when I’m struggling. But find different ways to beat it.


That was in oct17 he should be well over a year sober now without AA , wish him well


So your still using AA Big Book so not totally without AA wish you well


oops, I didn’t look at the post date. Last time he posted was Oct. 2, 2017.


Meh. Brings the post back and others can comment:)


To be honest. I didnt even think of it that way