I quit without AA, 56 days :)


I’m only 5 days but this time I’m on my own. Tried AA last year but didn’t feel right for me. I’m impressed and you have given me the incentive.
I also drank 8 to 10 cans a day starting in the morning and finishing when I passed out on the sofa after work. Also bottles of wine BEFORE going to work!!!
Good luck!!!


The person who originally posted this is also no longer active on the forum. Beware of false idols. We have no way of knowing if this person actually stayed sober. I just saw a woman pick up 48 years in AA. That’s how I know that it works.

Good luck in your endeavors.


Maybe they dont need AA or the forum :wink:


The ghost returns! You are a truth idol!


There are quite a few on here that went it on their own with out AA. When you learn their stories, they had support in other ways. After 90 days on my own, i needed something more. SMART didnt speak to me, but AA did. Its a lot of work on your own, from what i read in other posts from people who didnt need it. Before you rule AA out, seek those who were successful without it. Good luck!


@MewilHoward got sober with nothing but gym selfies and caddy pics! And he has returned!


So it is completely possible to be sober without AA


If you have a caddy and a gym membership


I’m definitely at that point with 6 months sober. We all need support, in any way we can continuously get it. I am going to try to go to a SMART meeting Thursday. If that doesn’t work, I will look into AA. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll find something else. I feel one of the two will be what I need though.


No prohibition against doing both. Maybe they both work


The SMART group near me just opened up a whole day of meetings on Sundays. But there are also AA meetings super close to me as well. Depending on my schedule I would do both if possible.

I’ll definitely post how the meeting went. I’m nervous, like most people about going.


I’m interested in smart recovery as well. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!


An oldie but goodie

Continuing the discussion from AA/NA vs SMART:


I don’t attend meetings or any programs but I do have support.
I have my family, my hubby, my family from here my sober tribe on Instagram.
I have written my own program that works for me and my hubby to get and stay sober :purple_heart:


I personally love AA. There are tons of awesome people there. When I quit going I started drinking and using again. I’m going to my first meeting in 4 years this morning. I’ve been clean and sober for 7 days now. I’m in IOP, but I know I need meetings too. I’m nervous, but I know everyone will be welcoming as always.


I am one of those who quit without AA. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a program. I did an outpatient detox, ended up in the psych hospital because outpatient detox wasn’t enough, did 4 months of IOP. Saw two therapists and a psychiatrist. Ditched all my “friends” and was off work for 5 months. Told EVERYONE I knew/know that I was DONE! Accountability was and is the center of my recovery. I ditched my primary care doctor and previous psychiatrist because they were prescribing me benzos without care. Benzos went hand in hand with alcohol. Cut out the waking up in the middle of the night detoxing and helped with the anxiety and detoxing in the morning. I was on and off meds trying to figure out what would help. I ended up ditching one of my therapists because she decided that I had started drinking again even though I had not. She became toxic to my recovery. As I got more clean time under my belt I shed more friends. When I went back to work I promised everyone I would check in regularly and be honest. I changed my driving route to and from work to avoid the same path I used to take to the bar. I got on this forum and created a sober network. I have now branched out to open chat with some I’m close with so that I have 24/7 personal support.

And this is a short list of all the things i have done in the last 500+ days. I feel like AA or SMART or any of the other programs might have been a lot easier.


I am still here going strong at 600 days without AA. Not knocking AA at all, just a reminder that there have been many advances since AA was founded in how we understand and can treat addiction and there are many paths to health and healing. Find the path that works for you. :heart:


Accountability is definitely a must. Great job😀


That’s awesome! :grinning:


I’m in Drug Court and have had my fair share of incarcerated inpatient, IOP, Relapse Prevention, and now in Aftercare. If I didn’t have my AA meetings, my Sponsor, the 12 Steps, and Fellowship - I would certainly fail. And all of this would not be possible without my Higher Power.

Have a wonderful meeting. :blush:

Pick up a Desire chip, if they do that sorta thing there… :+1: