I suck at the sober thing

A little bit about me i dont drink everyday but i binge drink more then i like ive been trying to at least start a 30 day challenge for myself failed already like 4 times i need sober friends that can help


That is a great idea!

Go out and find them, the best place to look is perhaps any recovery program.

Good luck on your journey :pray:t2:


Welcome to forums. It’s great place to find support so you have chosen wisely :wink: read some topics! Check in everyday and you will see how many people will wish you strenght and luck :muscle::slight_smile:


It sucks to be socially akward


Go to the rooms… There many people there all sorts sizes introverts and extraverts alike.

What is the rooms like were is that located


Thajoker is referring to meetings, they’re called ‘the rooms’. There’s AA, NA, CA, SMART, Recovery (Buddhist), and more. You can also find meetings online at www.intherooms.com . I’m happy you’re here, this can be a great place for support too. And a relatively safe one when you have trouble with social interaction. Communicate here and be accountable. Might be just the help you need, at least it is an excellent starting point.


What exactly em i suppose to do here

How do i know if im a true alcoholic or maybe jus a problematic drinker

See you know what you need to do so now it’s putting your words into actions maybe finding a community based recovery groups like aa or smart recovery look it up.good luck with your journey

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You’re supposed to do what feels right to you. You’re talking. To strangers. That’s helpful in itself right? You’re sharing your thoughts on your alcohol use. That’s helpful. Getting some feedback on your thoughts is helpful. Gaining knowledge about alcohol and addiction to it can be very helpful. Loads of knowledge around on this forum. Knowing you’re not alone helps. Lots of folks here who have problems with social interaction, me being one of those. In general I’d say post, comment, support and be supported. Know you’re not alone.
Whether you’re a true alcoholic or ‘just’ a problem drinker is irrelevant in my opinion. You are here. You recognise yourself your relationship to alcohol is problematic. You want to do something about it. That’s all that matters. I don’t like the term alcoholic or addict too much because of the stigma it brings. I do have a big problem with alcohol though.
Happy you’re here Dianne. Working on your problems. it’s all we can do. .


If you go to a meeting it will become clear.
And you will find your path to sobriety.
However you identify isn’t an issue right now.
Just what you are willing to do to stop drinking.


Thnx menno… I sometimes forget that we use jargon :see_no_evil:


Try a face to face meeting it might help get plenty of new sober friends there wish you well

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Getting sober is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have had to go to a therapist, a doctor, and 2 aa meetings a day. Learn as much as you can about your addiction. It does get better. Keep fighting.


This distinction doesn’t matter. You have a desire to stop drinking, that is enough.
Don’t waste energy on that.
Have a read around on here. Search any topic questions you may have using the magnifying glass at the top. There is a load of information in here regarding absolutely everything.
Read as much as you can.
Ultimately the strength needs to come from deep within you, but all the programs mentioned above are there to help.
Maybe try Annie Grace’s 30 day challenge on line. I’ve not done it but a few others on here have so search it up.
Keep an open mind to try anything and everything as this can be difficult, as I think you have discovered on your own.


Hi and welcome! It’s nice meeting you. Whatever label you prefer (“alcoholic” or “problematic drinker” or “I’m concerned about my alcohol use”) is ok. The point is you’re here because some part of you thinks there could be some adjustments. The first step after that is making a small change & seeing what happens.

This thread has links to a lot of resources you can explore. If you find labels a bit heavy you will find many are open to you listening for the meeting, you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to; my SMART recovery group is like that. Take a look:
Resources for our recovery

If social awkwardness is a concern for you this one is all online:

The most important thing is to be aware and to stick with it. Addiction (or problematic use generally) is about escaping, where we live in our world of running away into our addictive behaviour, because it’s comfortable and familiar. But it creates problems for us. It creates chaos in our lives. The important thing about reaching out and communicating with others in recovery, is it helps keep us aware. It helps open our eyes and see what we can change, and how to do it.

It’s a journey. It’s one step at a time. We’re here with you, and I’m looking forward to walking the path together :innocent: Take care & keep checking in here :slightly_smiling_face:


Also - if it’s ok for me to say - I think you may be being unfair to yourself. I sense you feel deeply discouraged. You may even feel unworthy? (For example, “I suck at the sober thing” - you’re being pretty harsh on yourself.)

One other nice thing about meetings is you get a chance to see what others are going through, what they think and feel on their recovery journeys, and you will feel less alone. The effect is amazing. So many people here on TS will tell you the same thing.

You are a good and worthy person. You belong, and you matter - your story matters. You don’t suck. You are learning. You are having a moment of worry, of weakness, of hurt; you are probably processing long-buried feelings of inadequacy or pain. Recovery takes time and many of us have stumbled on the path. Dust yourself off, reach out for help, be honest, and you will get better. :slightly_smiling_face:


“It seems difficult at first, because everything is difficult at first”



You came to the right place if you need sober friends!! You can do this. You wouldnt be on here if you felt like you didnt have a problem. So keep coming back and reading, commenting and posting!! You can do this!!