I’ve made it a little over a week

I’ve been back and forth for years now,… trying to find the best solution… im come as far as a little over a week now and I feel okay right now but idk how I’ll feel next week so fingers crossed && hoping triggers don’t pop up. I’ve been trying to stay away from any types of environments that may cause me to relapse so that’s as much as I can do for now other than coming here and hopefully get some other views and understanding on how to maybe make it to a year… :crossed_fingers:t5:


Spend a lot of time here reading and interacting with others. Alcohol is not your friend and neither are friends and situations that encourage you to drink…


Staying away from bars and or drinking friends and family helps in the beginning with the drinking triggers.

Running towards booze over emotional triggers requires positive action in fixing those so they no longer have power over you.

Youve made it through the worst of the physical withdrawal. Its a mental game mostly from here.

The support I found here has helped me. Stay connected. its here 24/7.

Do something for your recovery every day.

Try AA. Its helped me.


We swallow it easier if we focus on this day and then when tomorrow gets here, we do it again. A fucking year in the beginning sounded like just shy of forever. Shit it still does. Hugs to ya and so glad you’re here. Stick around please, it gets way better.


My DOC is crack cocaine,… alcohol also leads up to wanting it so I have slowed down on that also…

Thank you so much… it’s more of the anxiety or anxiousness bothering me at this point but reading comments and stories on these group pages are helping a lot also.


I have also built my relapse time up to about 6 days and am now proud of that and am shooting for longer streches all the time! (When I do relapse the amounts are smaller per intent of starting later and stoping earlier).

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Well my last morning of smoking was on the 4th so I think I’m about 11 days or something like that… my bf is a huge support to me even after all the things I have put him through… these last few times I’ve relapsed have been worse and worse and he basically couldn’t handle it anymore and I had to make a decision and choose between wanting to smoke and an awesome boyfriend. He knows how I’ve struggled with it, we’ve been together almost 4 years so he’s no stranger to my bullshit :woozy_face: but I had to make a decision that I couldn’t keep hurting the ones closest to me cause that’s what I was doing… obviously I can’t promise him that I’m done forever cause it’s a process but as long as I try and really stay focused this time I’m hopeful. The longest I’ve ever come close to not smoking is a few months here and there,… I need to do better, for me and also the people that love me and also want me to be the person they know me to be and not what my addict brain tells me to be…


Im on day 4. I w tried so many times. I feel better after I quit and then as time goes by I forgot how bad drinking made me feel. Hang in there.


Welcome Sadies.
That’s all I got in me.
I hope to see you around. This is a great place for support.

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Hey @Mesadies1 and a warm welcome to this wonderful place! You’re doing well so far. If you’ve gone for months sober in the past, ask yourself what happens before you decide to smoke again? What triggers you, what emotions, expectations, wishes or fears do you have that you smoke in response to?
It’s your life. You can live it clean and sober. You just gotta get to know yourself well enough to build a life you can manage and enjoy without the drugs.
Best of luck to you!

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Take it day by day, don’t think about a year goal. just take it one week at a time. One week is already such great progress congratulations


I wished that worked for me. I found that if I acknowledged the triggers and planned for them I could get through them. Life will be life, when it gets rough it is always good to have a plan to be successful


Day 12.
I actually feel really good this morning :blush:
I’ve started coloring in my down time before work and sometimes after to keep my mind busy. My bf and I had gotten the books months ago and had stopped using them cause of life but I pulled them back out again to stay focused on anything other than letting my mind wander into drug brain.

Some of my family are actually triggers so I had to be distant to a couple people and I feel like they understand why I haven’t been around lately, I’ve told them I stopped messing around so they haven’t asked me to get anything for them or bring it up thankfully.

Work usually takes up most of my day so I concentrate on that and getting to come home to cuddle before I crash… yes I would like to smoke but knowing the consequences and repercussions it just isn’t worth it. Hopefully buying less booze and drugs will start showing more money saved in my bank account :woozy_face:

I will stay updating as much as I can.

Thank you guys so much for the support. I feel sooo much better knowing I have other people to talk to when I feel like I might wanna scratch that itch… I just feel like after so many amount of years dealing with this addiction, its finally obvious to me that that ONE 20 turning into 8 or 10 more just isn’t worth the fight to try to keep around… draining my pockets and my relationships, body && mind… just isn’t worth it.

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Honestly when I went for months in the past it cause because I was out of town living in an unfamiliar place not wanting to ask “random” people for crack… also I was hiding my addiction from my ex bf at the time… but then we ended up having physical blowouts and altercations in public which in the end made me go back to my hometown and probably binge for months to try to erase the 5years wasted on that relationship :weary::woozy_face:

The things that trigger me most of the time is family. My mom and uncle are also addicts… when we get together its automatically we’re buying beer and a rock and sitting in the backyard listening to music drinking and just talking shit and smoking and laughing… then the next day if I haven’t went to sleep from the night before we do it again… vicious cycle… but when I started realizing that all of MY money was the only thing getting spent after a few months I had to sit back and take a look at myself and realize maybe I’m just getting used🤔 deep issues stem from my addiction, things I have to slowly deal with on my own. I appreciate you being here to listen…


That’s what I’m trying to do now. I know kinda what some of my main triggers are so I’ve been trying to stay clear and prepare myself for any situation that might arise.

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I totally understand… you feel like “ehh one won’t hurt” and then you spiral immediately after… it’s a struggle but at least we’re trying. Good luck to you also :crossed_fingers:t5:

That’s great! :crossed_fingers:t5:

You’re right I shouldn’t be thinking about a year right now im just hopeful and yes just a few days from 2 weeks🤞🏾

Take it one day at a time
Or a an hour at a time
Or a minute at a time
You will do this
Trust me