I went 80 days

I was doing good. Went 80 days. Was trying for 90. Had a couple non alcoholic beers. I guess that triggered it. I thought about beer so much i could not relax. Caved in. That was 6 weeks ago. Starting over again today. Thanks.


Welcome back Nathan :innocent: You probably need to add something to your toolkit, to keep your balance and keep moving forward. We tend to “romanticize” our addictions and we imagine that there’s something to like about them - we get these “rosy memories” of “good times” and “good feelings” and we start to think, ‘Well maybe I can have a bit without the negative parts’.

Addiction lies to us. It’s that little devil on your shoulder. Time to kick him to the curb. He gives nothing to you; nothing. There isn’t a single person who’s worked a recovery and built a life, who wants anything related to their addiction. It just seems crazy once you’ve found what your life can be without it.

Take care and don’t give up. Check out some recovery groups Resources for our recovery and keep an open mind. One day at a time :innocent:


Welcome back! Good on you for going for sobriety again and recognizing a trigger to avoid. Keep exploring those triggers and what is at the root of wanting to drink - such as, why pick up the NA beers in the first place?