I'm made it to day 31! Early morning thoughts

I made it to day 31. Thats amazing for me. If anyone reading this followed any of my past posts I was an absolute mess. My last post and use of alcohol was awful ,of course. But what is curious is that I just up and stopped after that. There is alcohol in my home (my spouse occasionally drinks a cocktail) I have the freedom to go get any drink if i wanted, no one is stopped except myself. But I just …stopped. I made up my mind my family is more important than alcohol anyway, anytime. If all they want is for me not to drink to show my commitment, love, and respect for them then thats a no brainer. Am I living in some kind of honey moon phase? I feel so disconnected from alcohol its freeing but… also I can’t help but feel…weird? Should I miss it? Like every other time before? I simply don’t have cravings, urges or the desire. I certainly have a roller coaster of emotions from day to day. I work through them, which is new to me. I let them cycle and pass through my mind, knowing they are only temporary. I have had bad, trying, even painful days this past month , but I never chose to go back to drinking. I hope I’m making sense. These are my early morning thoughts. I’ve been waking up early everyday, taking better care of my home,and my health. Dreaming more, trying to shake the depression by staying active and trying new activities. I’ve made a flower arrangement for my garden, painted on canvas, and have been taking daily walks. I think my biggest challenge right now is depression. Thats a whole other topic…lol. anyway, I wish I had a token or chip. But checking in here before I go out with my daughter feels just as good. Have a great day, to anyone reading this.


Thank you for your continued support , little miss chatterbox. You’ve stayed very encouraging throughoutmy whole Rollercoaster of addiction. Thank you for reading and giving me words of encouragement when times were tough for me. You don’t know me personally but it has helped me more than you know. I appreciate you.

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31 days, I remember that day… I was being released from rehab and it was my birthday. My husband drove 12 hours to get. I was excited, but scared as crap! Congratulations! remember the hardest part is behind you the quitting! I know you are so excited, you should be very proud of yourself. And ready to move on in this new journey. If I have any advice to give Going forward, it is to be patient and love yourself and remember you’re not alone, don’t be scared to reach out and ask for help, we are here. This journey is not going to be easy, it’s only going to be as hard as you make. They’re going to be trials and tribulations people are going to push your buttons and pull your hair. People are going to love you, care about what you’re doing, and how you feel. You’re going to cry, you’re going to laugh, you’re going to scream, some days you’re going to love yourself, and some days you’re going to hate yourself. But remember your higher power is only going to give you what you can handle and he’s going to carry you on those days you can’t! On those days it’s only in your mind, it’s that stinking thinking That will get you! The people here have so much love. All you have to do is ask we will be here. As long as you do your best and keep trying and to reach out you will make along this new journey that you’re about to travel. Always remember you are a strong vibrant person, with a good soul and heart. Today you are stronger than you’ve ever been, an If you work your program, you stay close to the program and your higher power, every day you’re going to get stronger and stronger! Remembering that you can do this! One day at a time! congratulations Good luck and remember we love you and we are here for you. :star::hugs::heart: