I'm really here. Wow

It’s funny because just yesterday I gave myself all the permission to drink.

Me and my boyfriend are in different countries and I don’t know if I’ll see him in a month or in 6 months. He doesn’t know it either. Romeo and Juliet had it easier than us, that’s for sure. So everyday I wake up and I ask myself why would I not drink today? As if one single thing is going as planned in my life.

Excuses are always so pathetic but they are very effective too.

But I guess me being here means something? I don’t know. I’m the queen of renunciation. Can’t give y’all or myself any promises.

Life sucks. Alcohol sucks harder. I suck ultimately.

There is one thing I know. I’m tired of losing track of the time. I’m tired of feeling the extreme low after extreme highs.



Welcome Inori.
Have a good read around. This is a great community if you want to stop drinking. We all need support. Well at least I did. I couldn’t do it alone.



Hi :raising_hand_woman:
Welcome to the community.
You are definitely right that you being here means something. Wether that’s you have a desire to stop drinking and want to make today your day1 is your decision.
There are lots of people here ready to give you support on your journey.
Your not alone, so many of us here know how you are feeling stuck in that vicious cycle, and so many of us have been able to get out of it and so can you :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you ever tried any meetings online or face to face ?


Welcome Inori. I’m glad you are here. I’m sure you’re here for a reason. It may be your Day 1,up to you oc. Take a look around and I think you will find many supportive souls. I am not much of an advice giver but feel I often tell newcomers to try and be kind and gentle with yourself. I get how you feel but you do not suck. You’re human that’s all. Sometimes we fall, I sure did,the important thing is to rise up. @Dazercat and @Twizzle00 offered some good things." Learning to love yourself enough to say I can’t live like this and I need help ". Hits the sweet spot. And not to tag team but I am going to. Have you ever tried meetings either in person or virtually? Great question. I know I need my support groups. I hope to see you back here. I find the daily gratitude thread to be a big part of my recovery. Reading posts and sharing my gratitude is so helpful. See you soon. Blessings🙏🏼


Welcome to the family Hun. You took the first step and that’s the important thing. I like you used alcohol as an escape. Drinking numbs your feelings for little bit but after they just come back. I’m advice is face those feelings even if it’s a little at time. Keep busy when you feel urge to drink. Keep your head up, keep going. An know you got all of us in your corner.


I did long distance with my partner for 6,5 years total. It was so hard. The love was real but the pain was too.

I can relate to this very hard.

You gonna have to start to take yourself seriously if anything should change for you.

Welcome here! Have a good read around. Find your reasons. Then work for it.

Best of luck!

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