I'm starting over

I’m not new in this, before this two weeks i was sober for a pretty amount of time but then all the anxiety ran over me, i got overwhelmed and then I had a relapse. I feel so ashamed, and guilty with myself, i know no one can judge me but i do.
During this two weeks, the thought of “when will i be sober again” the answer was always “I don’t know” but here i am, i hope i can do it for 24 hours today and whatever happens tomorrow, will happen


You can make it! I believe in you and your ability to overcome yourself.


Change that thought to " I commit to being sober for 24 hours today."
Then when those 24 hours are up make a new commitment for the next 24 hours. Keep repeating.
Hope is not as powerful as commitment in sobriety.
You really can do this. Take it one day at a time


Hi there and welcome here!
Did you ever had made a plan for your recovery ore considered making one? It really helps to think on front what you are going to do in difficult situations ore how to add practicul stuff to make your sober journey succeed.
This is how my plan looked like 2 years sober and what helped me to get there: It helped me to stard over when I had a relapse after a long sober stretch.
Sober for many years now with the help of that plan and this app and the surportive people in it.

Glad you found us! And see you around! :raising_hand_woman:
If you have any questions feel free to ask!


honestly, i relayed a lot in AA, i was so glad but then a lot of bad stuff happened and to be honest, i know it’s not an excuse. I guess I was predisposed to relapse from the moment I started getting sober. It’s still hard to process my different emotions and see them as something that can happen instead of a punishment. Sometimes I even think, am I not really committing myself? I know that drugs and alcohol are not something I want in my life right now, It’s just that after so much time it’s difficult to accept my helplessness over alcohol and that I can’t give it up without help. My plan for the moment is to accept what emotions this situation provokes in me. And then start to healing, i feel the pressure to push myself but at the same time i want to take my time in this process, at the end of the day, it’s my life what we’re talking about:(

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thank you so much for this suggestion

Hey there! I think it’s first important to remember this is part of your journey and nothing to feel ashamed of. If you change your thinking about it and see it as a speed bump or a learning opportunity to find the root cause of why it happened and work to prevent it from happening again I think it could over time become a beautiful part of your story and an inspiration you can use to encourage another you cross paths with in the future. Keep it steady at one day at a time, find the plan that works best for you and know that this place is a great place to turn to and you are loved! Wishing you the best


Sure it’s your life and every recovery is different. Maybe join AA again? Find another group that suits you better? Ore a online group? Just a thought.
Stay connected, here ore elsewhere.
We are here for you! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I’m sorry you feel this Bad but it’s a relapse, so you’ll learn from it and you have the chance to try again everyday. And to find différent tools. The most important is that you want to stop. We’ll help you as much as you help some of us by sharing with honesty.
Focus on today. It’s really hard when Bad stuff happens and I rely on the serenity prayer cause it’s true …WE can’t control or change everything.

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