In Hindsight

What have you discovered you were taking for granted pre COVID-19, and what do you plan to do once the pandemic has passed?

In hindsight, I actually really like working out of an office and getting to see and talk to people IRL every day.

In hindsight, when I had that pack of toilet paper in my hands at CVS, I should have put in in my cart.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have taken you for granted.

Post pandemic, I will get out of the house more. I want to join a Pilates gym with a friend from work. And I would like to sell this house, make a little bit of money and maybe plan my next move in life with my kids or maybe, with someone.


I totally took pants-off-Friday for granted. Now i don’t have to wear pants at all every day, I am missing the sweet sense of release and accompanying confirmation of another working week’s completion.
Post pandemic, I’m gonna wear pants again… Maybe even tighten the belt an extra notch so when i unbuckle, the relief is even greater.

EDIT: i really took security for granted. Security of employment, security in affording bills, security in being able to save a little.


I took for granted how important self care is for me. It doesn’t have to look as intense as it did in very early sobriety but this time at home has allowed me to get back to some basics that just let me bring my best self to every day. Daily meditation, for example, is a must for me to be my most focused and centered self and I had gotten very inconsistent with it before all this.
This forced isolation has also allowed me to actually put work in for personal goals I’ve been just thinking about but not actually working towards.

When this is over I want to keep investing in myself. This whole situation has made me realize it’s going to take a lot more commitment and dedication on my end if I want to achieve these goals when I’m back in my normal state of work and schedule and all the other usual daily duties. I have to stop doubting myself and keep working hard for my potential and this big bad life that sobriety is making possible.


To be honest, I haven’t changed anything since it was declared a pandemic. Still going to work, still seeing my coworkers, still seeing my mom and aunt just cause and when they need help, still doing things I enjoy with the power tools.

Only thing I really miss is sports :joy::rofl::rofl:


I should have waited a little longer to buy those tickets to New York, my cousin had to cancel her wedding, and I’m not sure if flying is allowed either

You should be able to cancel them for a refund. I have had to cancel several flights for myself and other family members. The bigger airlines are refunding, the smaller ones some are applying it for a future flight. We are supposed to fly to a wedding at the beginning of May, just found out they got hitched this weekend!!

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That’s when my flight and the wedding was scheduled as well! My sister said she was just getting a credit but I’ll have to look into it and hopefully just get my money back

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Hopefully! I got money back with Delta, miles back with American and Delta and credit for SunCountry. I still have 2 more flights in April I likely need to cancel and then those flights for May probably as well. Good luck!!

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I am in the same boat really. Nm has changed. So its hard for me to related to the while "quarantine " talk. I ddnt go to the store daily to begin with,I ddnt panic buy anything. I just had to change my workout routine from gym to home in the afternoon. I also didn’t have ppl I saw or talked to often except co worker… who I still see everyday🤷‍♀️

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I had a trip booked to LA in early May for a music festival, since postponed to September.

Air BnB is taking FOREVER to get back to me. The host has agreed to a full refund and I’d like to rebook with the same guy for September.

I also have to call two airlines, which I’m dreading…I’m sure the wait times are dreadful. Maybe I can do it online, haven’t checked, but I’m weary of changing flights without speaking with a real person. I feel like something would get messed up.


In hindsight, I am grateful to have a gym that is usually open all the time, no matter what.

In hindsight, I am grateful to have a grocery store that is generally very well-stocked.

In hindsight, I am grateful to be able to leisurely walk around a record store or garden center, doing stuff I love to do.

I will be even more grateful for the soccer matches I attend with my Dad. After such a long offseason, and then merely getting a taste of things this year before the pandemic blew up (we got 1 home match in), I cannot wait to be in the stands again singing my guts out and giving shit to the away team keeper (goalie), our seats are right behind.


I have done all my cancellations online, no problem. Get a screenshot of everything or email it to yourself, you likely know that already. It was all pretty straightforward. No cancellation fees, tho getting a credit is not great.

Apologies for derailing into a flight cancellation discussion.

In hindsight…I wish I would’ve flown up to get our grandson 3 weeks ago.

In hindsight…I am grateful to live near the ocean, it soothes the soul.

In hindsight…maybe we should have stayed in Vermont and enjoyed our little bubble.

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In hindsight, I too never realized how much I need going IN to work and being around people.

In hindsight, I realize how much I took my privilege for granted. I still have a full salary and the ability to KEEP earning that full salary while so many are losing their jobs and worried about how to pay their mortgage and utilities.

In hindsight, I COULD do so much more for the environment but assumed it was too hard to change my life by not driving, not buying, not using, not traveling. The truth is we CAN do all these things, we just don’t want to.

When this all over I will work harder and complain less about my job. I will Appreciate all that I have instead of whining about what I don’t have. I will do more that uses less energy and do more for our planet.

These times are tough but we CAN get through it with kindness and compassion but selfishness will only make things worse.


Now that is some real truth there, thanks for sharing it so well…good reminders!!!