Interesting article for anyone skeptical of AA


We sure do. Glad you are with us.


The amount of respect I saw for each other at the first meeting, is truly what kept me going back…


I have just had a profound new perspective on things after my meeting. With this angry shit I may as well be drunk, it’s just as shit. We have to convert that anger to concern and use it’s forces to help the person we are angry at. We are angry at them because we love them and we must pray or send different energy their way. I chose to send wisdom and love in place of my anger.


It was quite an insane feeling. I mean insane in a positive expression form.


Out of curiosity, when was your last meeting before today?? I get loopy after a week😉


About 4 weeks ago and about 3 weeks in between before that, before that was at least once weekly. Work and personal travel was really busy, balance is readjusting and fast.


And thank you to those of you who thought of me or prayed for me. It is appreciated.


We are part of a cult. Sacrifice, dark rituals, etc… Man, we do it all.

And whoever flagged this…just stop. Good debate never hurt anyone. Ever!


:woman_shrugging:t3: it’s all good, doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve had multiple people send me private messages letting me know that they were happy I said something because they felt too uncomfortable to do so. At the end of the day, do what’s going to benefit you (we’re all in the same fight) and I’m going to leave it at that :+1:t3:


We in AA love you nonetheless!


I don’t really bother to post stuff in here about other methods of recovery anymore. I stick to days sober and tips for other people trying to get thru cravings. I’ve never been attacked but the tone got very pro AA dog pile fast and left very little room or welcoming atmosphere to discuss other modalities so quickly that I don’t bother to bring it up anymore. I’m not dogging it, thats just been my experience in this forum in the year or so I’ve been here through a 6 months sober and a relapse.


Yes, I agree. Most days I feel very discouraged to post any type of success I’ve had with my program. But, the days that I do mention it, I ALWAYS get people sending me messages saying they thought they were alone and they want to know more. So, I guess the days I feel like mentioning something I will, otherwise I’ll just keep to myself and work on my own shit haha


I would love to hear about your program. I feel like there are a lot of assumptions going on here.


Ive never seen anyone not interested in other programs. I respectfully see everyone put their programs and others encouraging them and others being interested in learning. The only program i really ever see shamed or put down is AA. No one talks bad of SMART or refuge or blah blah. Ive been here a while and had to read every stupid thread so i could regain regular status. None of them bashed other programs. Im not sure where everyone gets this idea others will be snooty towards you if you arent in AA.

P.s. i think all your programs suck.


You suck :yum:


My program is just not drink…sometimes i eat dog shit to beat cravings…if that doesnt work for you, then god bless what does 'cause you’re sober.


LOL, you too?


Only if it’s organic…


Big book page 68

“We can laugh at those who think spirituality the way of weakness. Paradoxically it is the way of strength. All men of faith have courage. They trust their God. Instead we let Him demonstrate, through us what He can do. We ask him to remove our fear and direct our attention to What he would have us be. At once, we commence to outgrow fear”


And non-GMO…