Is 5 days an accomplishment?

So my little sober time app notified me I had a milestone today…! 5 days sober… Is it really a milestone? It’s something. In the scheme of things it’s just a grouping of days dropped into a bucket with the rest of my days. I no longer fear a future without alcohol.


Every single day is a milestone, my friend. Congrats on the big 5! I am right there with you!


I just had week milestone on app now I be on day ten next week Tues


Hell yes!! Well done on 5 days!! :tada:


Give u high five on milestone


1 second can be an accomplishment. It really depends where you’re at mentally.


Don’t downplay it, its a big deal for sure!
The fact its NOT a big deal to you, is a big deal in itself.
Either way, its an accomplishment. The first days have always been the hardest for me. I feel like once someone gets past the first few days they’re in the clear- there’s nothing stopping you at that point.


I think milestones work for more than one purpose.
(1) it creates small, reasonable goals for people to strive for (For some, being sober for 5 days is a significant change and deserves celebration when it is reached).
(2) it gives you a friendly reminder of how far you’ve come.
(3) it helps individuals not discount how far they have come, by offering celebration and praise.
(4) it allows people to see what goal they do struggle to reach by keeping track of the last milestone that was met before resetting the timer. (Maybe for someone 5 days is easy, but they can’t reach the 1 week goal, and that offers a space to reflect on why that is - are weekends more difficult? Are nights out influencing temptation? Etc.)

It’s a multi-faceted approach. :slight_smile:


Five days is absolutely an accomplishment! My first five days were terrifying and lonely, reaching out for communication is also a powerful accomplishment.


I should clarify. 5 days for me was always beyond an accomplishment. 1 day, half a day, 5 minutes were all huge for me every time.

However, youre not out the woods yet and neither am I.

129 days sober.


5 days is a massive achievement, the first few weeks were hard as hell for me. You’re doing great, keep going!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::two_hearts:

Definitely a milestone!!! Congratulations!!

It’s all semantics. I have just been notified of my 3 day “milestone”, I guess it’s is convenient shorthand instead of “congratulations on your noteworthy short period of time, well done you, keep going”. I suppose milestone comes across as not quite right after 3 days but I get the intention.

Its the first 5 days of the rest of your life, so yes an accomplishment!
Well done :hugs:


definitely, congratulations. Many will never get to 5 days and to people in their first hour you are a living miracle right now. :+1:

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have you been to bed :thinking:

Yep… now Im up :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@alpine_1975 DEFINITELY!

Every single day is a victory especially the first week! (Well it was for me any way)


You do not need to fear. The trick is to adapt to a new life and let this new life without your addictions, become a part of you.

Not a set of rules to live by. No guidelines to follow. It has to be a part of you. A real part of you like your nose for example.

Giving up your new life should be absurd. Unthinkable and undesirable. Like cutting off your own nose. Why would you ever want to do that? Going back to your old life should not even be an option.

You will do great. The first 3-4 days are the worst. You made it through. Just keep it going. Best of luck :+1: