Issues with adequate quality sleep

Hello dear sobers, wishing you a pleasant start to the weekend. I’m 12th day sober, and have been focused these days on cooking and eating healthy food, rich on fibers (etc), taking vitamins (special one for liver recovery, B-complex, magnesium, Omega 369 VitD and of course VitC). However sleep quality is moderate, and what I’m coping with almost regularly at around 3AM my heart rate goes up let’s say from 52 to 56-58(wearing smartwatch), which is mostly driven by REM phase during which I dream (from time to time I wake up from the dream because it was intensive one) and also stress levels go a bit up. And level of heart rate never goes back to it’s levels before 3AM.Many times I fell asleep again but after 1hr+ of being awake. Did you experience something like that, what helped you? I heard about these cycles of organs, and between that time it’s lungs recovery, I’m asthmatic but never had this problem before. Thank you, God bless you


In my first month of sobriety I had similar issues with sleep. Most nights I’d be able to fall asleep normally, but almost always would wake at 3AM and not be able to fall back asleep for and hour or two. I don’t recall significant changes in heart rate though.

What helped? Not much, unfortunately. Time was the only thing that cured that issue for me.

It’s a fairly common issue in early sobriety, so you’re definitely not alone.

Be well friend.


Thank you, understand. Patience (time) is then the healer, ok. Be well too


Day 22. I often attempt supplements for rest, either with or without sobriety. I have psoriasis in addition to alcohol issues. Melatonin is a problem always.

Like Dan, I have been up. Time is always an adequate solution. Right around 30+ days, I tend to sleep thoroughly. I have been there quite a few times.

I do tend to go up and down on whichever supplements are operating. I also am against a smartwatch. It causes me additional stress. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thank you EarnIt, appreciate. Melatonin made a difference last night, first time I took it, but still woke up. Will give it a time as you suggested. Yeah understand your experience towards smartwatch, know people who can’t wear them during sleep.

I don’t take melatonin all the time.

Melatonin is a short level in my body, due to psoriasis. Some do not do well taking melatonin at night. It’s all dependent on your body’s energy.

Hopefully, you’ll get to the right balance. Many times a nice cup of decaf supplemental tea at night is beneficial. It all takes experiment to see with what your body benefits.

I shouldn’t be awake at 2:15am. :slight_smile:

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It took me a long while to find comfort and rest in sleep. Melatonin never worked for me. Calm magnesium drink worked for a little while. Sleep hygiene was helpful. Especially no phone or TV or screen in bed. No caffeine or chocolate (including ice cream, sad, after 4pm). Blackout curtains, eye cover. Things of that nature. I did always look for a pill to fix, I sometimes still do (ibuprofen). Old habits die hard.

One of the things that helped a lot was time and also getting rid of the smart watch at night or clock. It can take some weaning to do, but it was adding pressure that was unnecessary.

Humans naturally have some off nights of sleep. And especially so when we get clean. It is okay and normal. Hormones can also play a big part.

Having a quiet respite in the night, a cup of tea, a quiet read is not a bad thing. You will get sleep. Be gentle with your self and your body as you recover and heal. :heart::people_hugging::heart: