Its time to stop, so this is my story

As the title up there says, I have decided now is the time to stop with another addiction that is plaguing my life. To put it simply, I want to quit the excess amount of time I waste on pornography. I mean there is just so much of the stuff online and it pulls me in like a savage animal. I cannot even remember how many times I have looked at the clock and thought wait where did the evening go.

For me the biggest part of accepting this addiction is that I firmly believe their is nothing wrong with pornography. In fact, most research does back this view unless there are a bunch of other books i have not read. The problem is that i have a very addictive personality and for me it is certainly a very big problem. Also, if you are wondering, I guess reading all those books about porn was to try convince myself that I didn’t have a problem. In fact i have done so many things to try convince myself that I didnt have a problem, but I cannot escape this reality.

In the past I have had a various chemical addiction problems which I was able to overcome. But for me porn is harder to kick as its a very much solo activity, so all the friends asking you to join them just for one more does not happen. But, all addictions are the same and so I will try my best to get rid of this one.

So why I am i writing this whole rambling post. Well, basically to say this is Day 1 and I hope by putting it out there I can come back daily and add another and another follow up saying the Day. Who knows i may even ramble some more.

So this is me saying, I acknowledge my problem


It’s nice to meet you Christian. My name is Lisa and I’m recovering from drugs and alcohol. Welcome to this wonderful community. There’s a variety of addictions on this forum but in the end addiction is addiction and we can all relate. I suggest using the magnify glass at the top and read some stories. Also, you may find our daily check in helpful. It’s a great form of accountability. Here’s the link: Checking in daily to maintain focus #16 . I look forward to following your journey.

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Hey there. Congrats on deciding to tackle your problem!

I just wanted to comment on your comment “For me the biggest part of accepting this addiction is that I firmly believe their is nothing wrong with pornography. In fact, most research does back this view unless there are a bunch of other books i have not read”

Two things. First, as you noted, if viewing porn has become an addiction, then there is something wrong with it - for YOU. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t anything wrong with it in theory, there is something wrong with it in practice for you.

Second, there is a lot of evidence that shows that porn can be problematic on several levels. Please know that I am not anti-porn - in fact, I used to work in an adult shop and had a job as an administrative assistant for the top earning sex worker in the US, so I’m fairly open-minded and knowledgeable in this area. First of all, there is the additiction issue. This can even lead to issues like PIED (porn induced erectile distinction) or death grip syndrome, in which those who view porn excessively end up not being able to function sexually during normal experiences with actual people. Porn can also lead to unrealistic expectations of your partner, whether it’s their physical appearance or what acts can be performed in a realistic healthy manner (for example, and this is quite graphic so warning for content: porn will often depict going directly from anal penetration to oral or vaginal penetration, and this is incredibly dangerous as it can lead to physical issues like serious bacterial infections. I also worked at a hospital and had a woman who needed to be admitted and treated for pyelonephritis).
Finally, there is porn that is made ethically, and there is porn that is not. Many of the young woman involved are coerced and horribly taken advantage of. I’m not sure if this would be triggering, but there is a documentary on Netflix called Hot Girls Wanted that delves into this issue and very much changed the way I consume pornography. Now I will only view pornography that is created by companies that have a reputation for treating their talent extremely well, and allowing the talent to have as much of a say in the content as the producer. This has limited what I can ethically watch considerably.
Feel free to pm me if you would like to discuss any of this in more depth.


As someone in the industry, you nailed it. Well said.
There CAN be an ethical way to consume, but more than likely the big stuff is not and you have to look for it specifically.
But aside from that, welcome to the community #, we’re happy to have you here. Solidarity. :metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4:

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Welcome your in an amazing caring helpful forum where everyone goals are be enough the same to abstain and build a healthier more enjoyable life,I know my life was definitely not enjoyable in my addiction I don’t think I even knew to have fun and enjoy moments.your in the right place

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Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. I am not here to get into a prolonged debate about wether porn is wrong or right. I think as you summed up every industry especially film has huge problems, just think Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey etc etc, never mind the conglomerates that helped them get away with that.

Thanks for the well wishes and yeah lets get to this.


BTW, I wont be posting my daily updates of days here. I will do it in the Checking in daily forum. So i have not run away that fast :joy:

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