Lake Tahoe here I come!

Sober camping… it’ll be a first for me. But I’ll be in one of the most beautiful places on earth, my sister in laws are pregnant so they are not drinking either… should not be too hard. Fresh air, unplugged kids, and family fun!

Where are your favorite places to vacation and what makes sober vacations better than drunk ones?


How fun and gorgeous! Take pictures :slight_smile: unplugging and being in nature is so grounding and freeing to me- enjoy!

I hope you have a great time. And to your question vacations sober you will wake up feeling great. You will remember every single beautiful detail about it and you will have :100: recollection of every single feeling and your soaking in the beauty of your surroundings :100: awareness and being in the moment

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Tabletop games by the cabin fireplace. Backpacking in the back country for miles, up and over the hills and along ridges. Crystal clear, ice cold water from the streams after a long hike in. Reconnecting with friends or family. Omg, the broad, clear sky at night. For me, nothing but sober memories camping/backpacking and some of the best in Tahoe.

Super jealous and jonsing for mountains now. Hope you and the fam have a blast! :evergreen_tree: :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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enjoy your break im off next month with my two sons my wifes staying at home going up the highlands of Scotland got our fishing rods and tents ready bit of bonding with my sons ,


I don’t have any advice, as the last time I went sober camping, I was 8 lol butttt take lots of pictures! :heart_eyes:


I sober camp with my ladies. We go to the firing range, fish, and play Clue and Yahtzee. Last sober vacation I had was Utah for my son’s wedding. Was special because I celebrated 6 months sober standing on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


We are sober camping right now! The ones drinking are annoying as all get out, makes me not miss it what so ever. We explore, cook, play, swim, kayak, connect with nature and the kids. It’s been great sober, the food is excellent, we can guide the teenagers effectively as we have 5 of them with us and 2 littles with us, I actually have no idea how we did this before when drinking. I never want to have another drunk vacation as long as I live!


My husband and I camped at Tahoe about eight years ago - so beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful time.

My favorite places I’ve ever traveled are Maho Bay, St. John in the US Virgin Islands and the highlands of Scotland; complete geographical opposites, but the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen.

I had a sober beach vacation earlier this summer, and it was wonderful! Early morning beach walks, bike rides, energy to play with my little boys, remembering every second of it… I wish I had learned the beauty of sober trips years ago.


All these vacations sound wonderful, I want to go on a sober vacation!


How’s the camping adventure? How do you like Lake Tahoe? I was born and raised in Lake Tahoe, CA. Moved away. Now living back in Tahoe currently.
So which campground did you decide on? Zypher Cove, Sand Harbor, Emerald Bay are some of my fav’s. Nevada Beach and Camp Richardson are popular too. Way cool!

Why Malta?

@Jon-Paul_Palmer we camped at sugar pine :sunny: just packed up and on our way home. We love Tahoe, the best part about living in Sacramento is we are only 2 hours west of the mountains and 2 hours east of the ocean. Plus we have lovely weather year round. We Tahoe or Ocean one weekend a month during the summer.


My favourite place to vacation is close to the ocean. To be able to watch the waves and ear them and smell the ocean. Looking at the horizon and just contemplate the beauty of creation.All my vacations in which I have relapsed had been ruined and a big sense of isolation had destroyed my relationship with my family members. Sobriety always helped me to enjoy