Lets Talk about Anxiety attacks!


I’ve always struggled with anxiety as a kid and as an adult- and a few years ago had my first panic attack… felt like I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t hear what people were saying, almost passed out. I worked out some then, not always. Didn’t really get into working out until a year and a half ago, while drinking still and still struggled with it. Since quitting alcohol in September it’s pretty much gone (disappeared after about 2 months)… the only thing different is the working out bit… I swear by it. This is just me though… so many factors at play here. I know for some it gets worse, but for some it gets way better… hope it’s the latter of the two for you and you’re feeling better.


Thank you I appreciate that! Im 7 days sober today so yay. Im trying Sunflower seeds so far it keeps me busy and eating.


I used to feel as though I’d bug people about my struggles, but the ones who surround you, and love you, want to help. You can let them help you! I’m opening up to those around me and they are helping :heart: keep talking here, we are listening


I have used magnesium supplements to help manage my panic attacks. I used to be prescribed clonidine but didn’t like the grogginess that came with it. Meditation helps me now so that I don’t have them as often. I only have about one a month these days


You have to stop that thinking. Honestly, the fear of bugging (or bothering) others is what led me to try and drink away my problems. There are people that want to help. You can find them.


I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life but didn’t actually understand it until i was in my 30’s. Everybody’s different but i really started focusing on what was causing my racing thoughts, sweaty palms, thinking i was going to die(like everyday). For me i noticed too much caffeine, nicotine and especially after a night of drinking would trigger the worst panic attacks. Best advice from my personal experience is treat your mind, body and soul right. Breathing exercises, workin out and constantly telling yourself it’s going to be ok. Slowly but surely i started to feel better and get a grip on the attacks. I still have them but i recognize it and do the best i can. Staying sober was the first step for me. Hope this helps a little


I totally felt like “is this how it is now…that all of a sudden this attack comes and I just have to quit…” then it passed…I’m hoping that my brain learned that it’ll pass the same way my brain has learned that alcohol is no longer a solution to a problem.


I’ve also struggled with severe anxiety my entire life, including the occasional full-blown “fuck I’m dying” kind of panic attacks.

When my mind starts racing and being really loud, or I’m getting to the point where I can tell a full-blown attack is coming my way…really, ANY time my anxiety feels overwhelming, I have found that, for me at least, things like coloring or knitting help. There’s something about occupying my hands, and having to really focus on my task (I get the coloring books with really intricate designs) that helps get the anxiety back under control. Now that I’m on my sobriety journey, I find myself turning to those same coping tools to get through cravings that overwhelm me, too!


Hi I’ve just started taking magnesium for anxiety too how long until they worked for you? Tia :blush:


It should start helping pretty quick. I use the powder stuff that I mix in to water, but there’s also pills available


Ok great thanks :blush:


I was prescribed Propranalol for anxiety. It works really well! It’s a beta blocker, used for high blood pressure, but prescribed off label for anxiety.

Also, I was taught a trick in therapy that has worked time and time again. Cross your arms over your chest and lay your hands palm down on the front of your shoulders. Lightly tap twice on the left side with your right hand, then twice on your right side with your left hand. Use your fingers to do this but keep your hands and wrist flat an straight. Do this as long as needed. It helps short circuit your brain from anxiety and is very soothing. I used to do it while pacing when I was in a massive panic attack. It’s not instantaneous, but it really helps!


Just over here at my desk tapping away…


Is it helping? You can also do it on your upper leg right above the knee. You don’t cross your arms on that one.


It is, it helped me calm down enough to contact a recovery partner and I’m doing it again now.


This is a great gif! Thanks. I’ve saved it too!


Hey @Igotthis88 sorry you’re experiencing these anxieties.

Have you ever tried meditation? That’s what helped me the most. There’s lots available on YouTube just search anxiety relief meditations.

Personally I find the Chakra meditations very helpful, particularly at bed time.

I have not been overcome with anxiety for a long time. I still get anxious like every one does at some point, but it no longer overwhelms me.

I used to feel such a tight grip on my chest and heart area, it was distressing so I can identify with how you’re feeling.

Keep making those positive changes in your life and it will get better.


For 17 years I would have horrible anxiety attacks right before I would sleep every night. The thoughts of the nightmares I knew I would have would spark them. I would drink so heavily to try to black out. When I quit drinking they went away.

To get thru the anxiety attacks, i would reciet the lords prayer, over and over. In between I would take deep breaths. Slowly they would go away.


Never understood anxiety and just how debilitating it can be until i first experienced it in all its horror.
It’s serious stuff. Crippling.

One of the things i found genuinely to help was breathing through the feet. Yoga people will likely already know this. I could feel the calm start to wash through me as i did it. Standing, laying down, sitting… It works. For me especially at night.
Sorry about the Oprah link, but it gives a good summary, and was one i could quickly find.
Give it try. Hope it helps.


Trust in YOUR Higher Power. Once I had that feeling I spoke to my HIGHER POWER and once I was done just sat down wherever I was and worked a step 3 until the feeling went away once it took 4 hour and I was walking to the store. Lol imagine seeing some one on the side talking to the air. Lol but i have embarrassed my worse when i was drunk.