Lets Talk about Anxiety attacks!


I love what u wrote. Thank u for that. :black_heart:


Its hard. I have trouble trusting people. Recently, Was “laid out to dry” by a self-proclaimed “bff”. She said I could trust her and so I did. Now that She has all the info or Idk wtf she wanted now she’s ghosted me. “Im too “needy”” sigh :joy:


Its been a constant in my life since I was like 8 or something. I remember feeling self aware of all my flaws. afraid ALWAYS. Never had friends. Im a weirdo. lol


Im still battling each day. I hope one day I can face a day without fear. ty for your kind words.


thats what i freak about. REALLY NEVER DRINK?


Courage is not the absence of fear, but achieving your goals in the face of fear


Hello! Yes, I have an app called Headspace. Its great. It has helped me. Unfortunately Its a child seeded thing for me. Reason I started drinking was beacause of my anxiety. Turns out in the long run, it makes it worse. :black_heart:🖒 Ill continue to work on it.


I noticed writing calms me down. With out realizing it, Im breathing normal again n realaxed. :black_heart: so many tricks


I’ve had severe anxiety my entire life as well (cptsd related), and I started drinking (and then kept drinking more and more and more) to try to deal with it as well…I didn’t realize until about a week in to my sobriety just HOW MUCH WORSE the drinking had actually been making that stuff for so many years. I’m still kicking myself over that realization lol. :roll_eyes:


Hahaha yeah same. Its a vicious circle :pensive::pensive::pensive:


No joke. :sweat:


It’s only one day at a time…besides, why would we wanna drink anymore…it never did anything good for us.


I hate to sound naive but I just thought I was fighting my addiction…are these episodes anxiety attacks I’m suffering? I just went thru this same issue driving home on a payday​:confused: Thry come for ya but YOU FIGHT THRU!!! :peace_symbol: :two_hearts:


Most likely, yes. It feels like ur heart is ganna pop. Faint, out of breath. Like…something really bad is going to happen. Could be nothing. Like one Example. I was watching a movie and I freaked out for no reason. I couldn’t breath crying for no real reason. I felt trapped. Breathless. Im so sorry. Its not naive that u didnt know.


Skipping over everything written previously - I’ll bite.

I had one last night when I was out to dinner with my son, took one bite of rice and it felt like a bit a small rock or something, and the next thing I knew a crown had completely come off.

I’m sure some people deal with these things really well, but I do not. Not at all. I completely panicked, froze, and tried desperately not to start hyperventilating. I realized that these are moments when I would think of grabbing a drink to calm my nerves. Yes - I had that thought pop into my mind at least a couple of times. But… It’s not an option for me… So I just stared at my son and tried to focus on my breathing - and the fact that I was alive (it’s funny to think about now, but seriously - I had to tell myself I wasn’t going to die b/c of the lack of a tooth for a day).

I didn’t realize it had completely become dislodged till I went to the bathroom and it popped off while I was investigating it…So I shoved it back on really quick (probably with some rice stuck underneath it, lol), stupidly thinking I could keep it there overnight. My son - all calm ‘n’ stuff - says, "can’t you just take it off and put it in something till tomorrow? (Oh the logic other people have when you’re essentially a wreck, haha) Which ultimately is what I did.

Well - I talked myself through that episode and a couple hours later I was feeling OK (not stellar, but OK), thinking how the hell would a drink have helped in any way whatsoever? LOL

I think we have to realize - and remind ourselves - that ALL of our emotional states of being are temporary. ALL of them. And they are all a part of being human and alive. Sometimes it’s a challenge to navigate through certain emotions, but it IS doable.

At the end of it all - I got to the dentist today and had it glued back on - for the low, low price of $40, and I’m back to “normal” again (It helps that my dentist is also a friend, I have to say.) I didn’t die. But more importantly I am probably a stronger person because I weathered what I perceived to be a storm - without resorting to something stupid like drowning my anxiety with a drink. …It really did help that my son was there… But if he had not been, I probably would have called someone, just to get myself through the moment. And, if no one was available, I would have walked it off or something. As it happened, we ended up wandering through a bookstore, which helped get my mind off of it for a while.

Dental issues, Man. That’s my Achilles heel. :grimacing:

EDIT: You know what - When I was drinking, this kind of thing would have totally freaked me out even more! Seriously - everything was WAY worse when I was drinking. Having a drink never helped anything. Ever.


I was alcohol free for 6 months and my anxiety improved. Then stupidly just before Christmas thought I could moderate. Started drinking more over Christmas which has led to heart palpatations (which I’ve never had before) and anxiety again. Had to see my Gp and am back on sertraline. I really believe all this is because I chose to drink again. The anxiety has come back even worse though.


Same that’s why I was drinking too but it does be worse the next day :roll_eyes:


U put me in ur situation, as kept reading. The more I read I felt the panicky feeling in my chest. My anxiety is so bad :frowning: Im so glad u were strong to smack all the triggers out of the way. It feels like moving heavy bolders out of ones path. Keep at it u are doing great.


I think so too. Im sorry :frowning: Unfortunately, us alcoholics just cant drink normally. :tired_face: Stay strong. :black_heart:


Yeah, my anxiety is way better now. im almost 11 days clean