Lets Talk about Anxiety attacks!


Sitting here doing the 1, 2, 3, thing. Deep breaths and all that. The worst part? Im not doing anything. Im watching a movie. ITS THE WOTST TO FEEL OUT OF AIR. :frowning: Will these episodes ever end?


They will end. You will be ok. How are you now?


After an attack, take care of yourself. Drink water, rest, do what you need to do to recuperate slowly.

Can you talk to someone?


Praying for you, I hope you find the way to live with anxiety without loosing Hope.


They will ease in time, by saying the 1-2-3 thing you just reminded me I no longer need to do this, I hadn’t registered that I no longer do it, so yes it does get better. Hang in there


They do get better. I remind myself that even tho it feels like it, I am not going to die and it will pass. Warm baths, quiet music, meditation, read a book, walk, all distracting things help me move thru them.

Sorry you are going thru this.


Count green things in the room. Count to 100 by 3s. Push your toes into the ground as hard as you can. Try to tighten all your muscles then progressively relax them.

Just a few strategies to get you through the worst of it. Know that it will end. I know it feels horrible. It WILL pass.:heart:

Unexpected anxiety

This gif is saved on every device I use. It’s so simple that it’s silly, but I love it.


I love this GIF!!


Yep. Been there done that!!

It is scary when they come out of the blue for no apparent reason. I have a theory that once upon a time there was a reason for this anxiety attack but I had dealt with it before by pushing it down and keeping it down with alcohol. Now that the alcohol is gone the attack is able to surface. My theory (and it is ONLY a theory based on no scientific study) that I will keep having occasional anxiety attacks until I have experienced all the ones that I avoided in the past.

I do think they are a part of my recovery and that they will eventually stop.


Almost walked out from a Job today cause of panic…on a lunch break


Have anxiety aswell it’s so annoying :neutral_face:


U give me real hope :sob: thank u


It really is. Its disruptive to my daily life. :frowning:


OMFG!! I got a job in November n It got so bad i just walked out. I feel like I cant adult.


Hits me square in the face at the most random times. Had one on the motorway last week driving at 70mph with no hard shoulder for 5 miles. Absolute bastard of a thing. I’ve debated CBD oil but dont know where that stands on the sobriety scale :man_shrugging: I usually have one of my daughters bobbles on my wrist that I twang really hard usually levels me out enough to start thinking clearly again


Well i must have 10 years of panic attacks waiting for me :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Thats the best gif ive ever seen :eyes:


Ive never tried that b4! thank u for that. Ill try it today. I get attacks at least twice a day. Thank u I will report back.


naw im all alone. Exhausted all my friends n husband I feel like i bug i dont wanna bug them